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How to create a Hitwe account?

First step to start chatting with new people is to register on hitwe.com via mail or your facebook account. If you want to register using your mail, you have to add information (such as name, age, gender and password) by yourself. When you create an account via Facebook, your information is automatically transferred.

What should I do if I forget my password?

If you have registered your Hitwe account by email the only step to reset your password is to click “Forgot password?” and follow the simple instructions to reset it.

What if I have a problem while trying to log into my Hitwe account?

  • Your password does not match: click "Forgot the password" and follow the listed instructions.
  • You do not remember the mail used for registration: you can access your account using Facebook or by sending a request to Support team with the e-mail address that could be used for creating your account and we will send you the link. Provided your data is sufficient and proven.
  • Your account was banned: you need to contact our Support team.

Do I need to write my phone number during registration?

No, to create your Hitwe account, the only verification information that you need to give is your email or Facebook account.

Why does Hitwe ask for my phone number?

This request may occur:
  • As part of our anti-fraud verification process
  • In order to restore your blocked account on iOs/ Android app we need to verify your identity by entering the secret code received through Facebook account kit authorization.
Note: We do not have access to your phone number and we do not store it anywhere.

How to modify my personal details?

You can modify your name, age, gender, interests, country, city and language in the Profile section.

How to delete my profile?

You can deactivate (delete) your profile following this guide.
  • If you use a computer - Go to Settings - Security - Profile deactivation - Remove.
  • If you use a mobile phone - Settings - Profile settings - Delete button.
  • If you use an Android app - Profile - Gear icon - Delete.
  • If you use an iOs app - Profile - Edit - Delete account.
If for any reason it doesn’t work, contact our Support team. We will remove your page from the web-site.

How to change the city?

  • If you use a computer - in your profile settings.
  • If you use a mobile phone - Settings - Profile settings.
  • If you use an Android app - Profile - Edit (upper right corner).
  • If you use an iOs app - Profile - Gear icon.
Do not forget to save the changes. If you fail to do that, please notify our Support team and we’ll make changes to your profile.

How to change my email?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to change your profile email. You can create another account with a new email address.
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