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Issues with photos

How can I add a photo to my profile?

Go to your Profile and click the button “Upload photo”. Your face should be visible in the photo. There should be no explicit content, links to other websites or personal information on the photo. Mind that all the photos go through the moderation process and it can take some time. If you can’t add photos, please send them to this address - support@hitwe.com - we will upload them to your profile. Include a link to your profile in the message.

How to change my profile picture?

To change your main photo, go to your Profile, choose photo for the avatar - there are 2 icons - one of them will send the photo to the trash, another one will put it on the avatar. Mind the recommendations for the avatar photo.

How to delete my photos?

Click the photo and you will see a trash icon. Click on it to delete the photo. You cannot delete your main photo, you can only change it.

Why don’t other people see my photos?

All photos on this website are moderated, it may take a few minutes until the photo becomes visible to other users. In some cases photos may be deleted within hours as a result of remoderation.

Why was my photo deleted?

Presumably, your photo was deleted because it did not correspond with the requirements to the photos. All the photos of an inappropriate nature are removed by moderators.

I can’t see my profile photo. Why?

It could be deleted by moderators for not corresponding with the requirements to the photos. Another reason is that you need to clear your browser history. Tick the “cookies” and then go back to the site.
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