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Photo requirements

Start with a quality photo
High quality portrait
High quality photo illustrating your interests
Group photo with family/ friends
Your photo is your brandmark on Hitwe. The better it is, the more attention you get

It is strictly forbidden to upload improper photos on Hitwe

Erotic photo
Abusive photos
The scenes of violence
Photos with personal data
Celebrity photos
Fake photos (memes, kittens etc.)

All the photos of an inappropriate nature will be removed by the moderators.

If you get reported for violating these rules at least twice, your account will be deleted.

How to make people text you back?

Point #1 - you need a high quality photo.
Smile - cheerful smile will hide any visual defect.
Avoid direct sunlight - it drops shadows on your face. Late night and late afternoon are optimal for taking photos.
Go easy on the flash - it adds 5 to 7 years by bringing out all the wrinkles, blemishes, devil eyes.
Choose plain or blurred background - you won’t blend into surroundings. Sky, wood, nice landscape - there are plenty of options to choose from. Own the foreground.

TOP-6 Photo Failures

Nude photo

This type of photo is better left for a more personal contact

Photo is crowded with people

Your avatar is not a group photo. Take all the odd people out of it.

"Half-face with sunglasses" photo

Hitwe has 200 registered users. No one will guess what a person looks like in reality, they’ll skip over it right away.

Abnormal camera angle

Top down is not a winning angle - it makes people feel like a two-bit hustler on a trial.

“Сoncealed face” photo

Even if you've got a beautiful back it's unreasonable to put it on the avatar.

Poor choice of location. On-the-go photo

If one is unwilling to break a sweat for a mere photo, it’s obvious that they won’t bother themselves with anything in real life either.

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