Reza Noo
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Reza Noo
49 years, Tehran
Last seen: 11/12/2016
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49 years

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      ♉ TAURUS
      A Taurus is smart, down to earth and reliable. This sign values stability and reliability. A Taurus will make an amazing friend and colleague because they prefer to stick to their promises and never break their personal set of rules. A Taurus may come-off somewhat stubborn, but they are not always stuck in their ways. This sign never flip-flops on their opinion to fit someone else’s. When you see a change of heart from a Taurus this means they genuinely changed their mind. A Taurus always knows how to get things done. This sign is never afraid to roll up their sleeves and get to work. However, a Taurus is nowhere near being a workaholic. Anchored by the earth this sign is all about seeking out pleasure in everything they do. A Taurus loves being present in their body, they need to be in touch with their physical self. When it comes to love, honesty is the best policy for a Taurus.Starting from the very first date, which may end up feeling more like a job interview! No need to be alarmed, this is a way for a Taurus to see whether there is compatibility and future forthe relationship. Forget about “white lies” when dating a Taurus.This sign prefers to hear the uncomfortable truth rather than hollow compliments. Speaking of lies, a Taurus will never forget them.They are a giving lover as long as their partner steps up to the plate and makes sure to give back. A Taurus is definitely detail-oriented.They cannot stand doing things they find pointless.A Taurus may seem nitpicky and lack flexibility but that is not because they are overly demanding.This sign demands the best out of people and expects them to deliver on that! A Taurus has a rich internal life and oftentimes values external attributes more than other factors.A Taurus may sometimes overlook a perfect match based on an outfit, vehicle or even a resume. Our suggestion to you, Taurus - spend a bit more time with the person before writing them off.After all, don’t judge a book by its cover.
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