Armenian Mail Order Brides: Secure Your Armenian Wife with Top Dating Sites

Last Updated 2024-03-04

With so many Western women losing a lot of traditional family values, it is no wonder so many men are finding happiness with beautiful Armenian women. Many foreign husbands perceive Armenian ladies as "real women" and look forward to coming home from work to a hard-working housewife.

What Kind of Women Are Armenian Mail-Order Brides?

Typical Armenian women come from strict Christian households and face a strong pressure to marry young which leaves them looking at some less-than-ideal prospects. These young Armenian girls are often seen to be seeking love abroad as Western men often treat them better and have more opportunities to share with a young Armenian lady.

Armenian husbands often forbid their wives from meeting their friends or even taking on lovers outside of the relationship, putting a strain on the marriage and causing unhappiness to these Armenian women. Not only that but the job prospects in Armenia are exceptionally poor leaving women with less stable job offers to help provide the best life for their families.

Armenian brides are usually young, ambitious women looking to give themselves the best chance in life and are willing to build a strong family to achieve the most they can. Armenian women are hospitable spouses and gifted entertainers making them the perfect wife if you love to invite friends over regularly.

Unlike Western women, Armenian brides are direct communicators and rarely shy away from giving their honest opinions on something, this is a big part of Armenian culture. They prefer to say exactly how they feel and avoid playing the mind games seen so often in Western culture.

If you love a woman who knows how to dance then look no further than Armenian brides! Armenian women are fun-loving and talented dancers especially when it comes to the Kochari, a dance saved for special events like holidays or birthdays!

Top Sites to Meet Armenian Mail-Order Brides

The simplest way to get in contact with an Armenian mail-order bride is by using a reputable website or matchmaking service. When working independently, you face the risk of being scammed or catfished by strangers online. By using a safe and secure website designed to pair you with your perfect Armenian mail-order bride, you can guarantee a much more satisfying process! Now let's meet Armenian women! Here are some of the best websites to start your search for the ideal wife:

1. SakuraDate

One of the newer dating platforms out there, SakuraDate is a great way to meet an Armenian woman looking for a better life in the West. SakuraDate features a host of gorgeous Armenian women hoping to catch your eye and become the perfect wife! A vast array of filters ensures you can quickly sign up and find exactly what you're searching for in Asian brides with minimal effort.

As a foreign man, you will face some pretty strict entry requirements in order to sign up for a profile with SakuraDate. All newcomers must go through an extensive vetting process to ensure the security of all platform users which sounds great but is also the biggest downfall of SakuraDate. The female members are not vetted this thoroughly making it fairly easy for a lady to catfish or scam a male suitor if she wanted. Despite the platform having ways to video chat with potential partners and even exchange files, it is definitely something to consider as you get to know your potential new wife.


  • Very thorough profiles

  • Live chat available

  • Extensive moderation

  • Fantastic user interface

  • Extremely good customer service

  • Very advanced search filters


  • It is not free to message girls

  • Fake female profiles do pop up sometimes

  • No mobile app is currently available

2. EasternHoneys

Arguably the best part of EasternHoneys is their policy to find you "the one" instead of just being a dating site. EasternHoneys really wants its users to find prospects for marriage and they are set up with international dating in mind. You can easily find many gorgeous Armenian women on EasternHoneys as well as many girls from a whole host of different Asian countries.

The free version of EasternHoneys does allow a very basic form of communication between yourself and future marriage prospects however, you will need to pay for extra features if you really want something serious.

What sets EasternHoneys apart from a lot of other international dating platforms is the use of credits and special interactions. Send potential partners winks or gifts instead of just a boring message and save up your credits to be able to exchange contact details or set up meetings with Armenian brides!


  • Verified profile feature

  • Loads of information available on Armenian brides

  • Several messaging and interaction options

  • Fun alternative interaction options

  • New members get an initial boost of credits


  • No mobile app is currently available

  • No regular subscription plan is available, you can only purchase credits

  • Messaging costs credits and it can quickly add up

3. Orchidromance

If you want to register to a site quickly and without any hassle then Orchidromance could be the perfect match for you! Before you even start using their site you can start to set your preferences and location to help find your perfect bride. If you're seriously searching for an Armenian bride then Orchidromance can be very useful with its easy-to-use filter system.

The major selling point for Orchiromance is that they have an incredibly thorough vetting system for every single member who signs up. Many dating sites will ask for hobbies or your line of work but Orchidromance is also concerned with your life goals and dating aims which really helps you find a woman who is serious about marriage very quickly.

Once again, Orchidromance is another dating platform that uses alternative communication forms and you can send your potential bride gifts, some of which are very pricey!


  • Super easy user interface

  • Mega fast and simple sign-up process

  • Enjoy chat, live chat, and mail communication options

  • A lot of safety policies for foreign men

  • Fairly affordable in comparison to other options


  • No mobile app is currently available

  • Some tools are paid for separately

  • Some Armenian women may not be able to reply

  • There is a small number of bots imitating Armenian women

4. AsianMelodies

AsianMelodies is a fun dating platform for those wanting to find an Armenian mail-order bride. Instead of the usual messaging system, you can send likes, winks, stickers, and even gifts to potential love interests. Another handy feature is being able to save Armenian women who catch your eye into a favorites section making it easy to come back and message them later.

The first message you send to a woman is free (you do have to pay for messages after the first one) so it's important you make the first impression count!

One of the best features of AsianMelodies is that you can view all of the images on a profile straight away. Not only does this allow you to see if a woman is physically attractive to you but you also get to check the legitimacy of the profile before you start messaging her.

Overall, the website is fairly easy to use despite using a credit system which many users find a little clunky. Browsing is straightforward and AsianMelodies is certainly full of Armenian brides waiting to find their perfect husband!


  • Some interesting alternative communication options

  • A lot of free features

  • The website is very simple to use

  • Detailed profiles of Armenian women

  • Adding women to your favorites list is super useful


  • Quite a few bots

  • The site users frequently encounter bugs

  • Complicated credit system

  • If you share any personal information through the chat it is instantly flagged

5. LoverWhirl

The biggest selling point of LoverWhirl is the filters! You can choose from smokers or non-smokers, whether your future wife consumes alcohol, the number of kids they would like to have and so much more! This is definitely a bonus as you waste less time with small talk and can really get to know your potential wife on a much deeper level more quickly.

The LoverWhirl website is very easy to use so even the most technologically challenged users can easily find their way around to start browsing Armenian women as quickly as possible.

LoverWhirl has a free feature called newsfeed which is a good introduction to the site but it doesn't necessarily help you find any Armenian single women in particular. You have to pay to use features like chat or mail and the private video function is charged on a per-minute basis which can quickly add up.

LoverWhirl is another website that allows you to send gifts to women you are talking to but the presents are the most expensive feature on the website so it might not be something you're interested in doing regularly!


  • If someone looks at your profile you get a notification

  • Very simple to use

  • Extremely thorough filtered searches

  • A few free ways to use the site

  • The vetting policies are very good


  • One of the more expensive sites

  • No mobile app is currently available

  • Prices of paid services are hidden

  • The number of users is fairly low in comparison to other sites

What Makes Armenian Mail-Order Brides Unique?

An Armenian woman is strong, beautiful, and an ideal life partner for most men. Most Armenian girls thrive as great mothers and are a true example of natural beauty both inside and out. Western countries often overlook the gorgeous ladies coming from Armenia but here are a few reasons why they shouldn't:

Great Mothers

When you browse a dating website it can be easy to become blinded by a woman's beauty and not consider the bigger picture. This is where the many cultural differences between the West and Asia can truly benefit a foreign husband. Armenian women make fantastic mothers and due to the Armenian culture are often eager to have children at a relatively young age.

A lot of Armenian spouses cherish their families and have a strong sense of pride when looking after their children. The Armenian beauty is also something that is often passed down to their children allowing Western men to help raise a beautiful family with their Armenian mail-order wife!

Master Chefs

Armenian beauties are not just pretty faces but exceptional chefs! The best Armenian brides often find a lot of joy in cooking traditional meals from their home countries and sharing it with their loved ones. This is a common trait for many Slavic brides who get to enjoy recipes passed down through many generations.

An Armenian Woman Might be a Wonderful Artist

Armenian girls are more often than not, wonderful artists. Painting, music, dancing, and literature are all in abundance throughout Armenia which leads many Armenian girls to enjoy these things in their free time. Western women in the online dating scene don't often have such interesting hobbies to discuss so an Armenian woman will definitely change your dating experience for the better!

Armenian Women are Highly Intelligent

In Armenia, women are not just gorgeous but successful in virtually everything they try. Kim Kardashian is a great example of how intelligent these girls are able to maximize any opportunity thrown their way.

Local women in Armenia are not often given the best opportunities in life so just think of what these single Armenian ladies could do given the right chances in the West!

Armenian Mail-Order Brides Dating Culture

Armenian brides are easy to find once you know where to look! Sites that specialize in Armenian brides are definitely the best place to start your search. If you are looking for an Armenian wife then check out the websites specializing in this and don't be afraid to send them a message. In Armenian customs and on most online dating sites, it is very common for girls to expect the man to message first.

An Armenian bride's parents might not be too pleased to find out about an interracial relationship if they come from a very traditional area or a more rural area so that is definitely something to be cautious of!

Most Armenian women are very open to dating a man from the West and many Armenian parents are also quick to come around to the idea if you can offer their daughter a better life in the West. Armenian women for marriage will often consider dating outside of their country in pursuit of a better life so they won't be put off by the idea of messaging a guy from the West!

Armenian Family Values

When browsing dating platforms you can often find phrases like "child-free", especially on women's profiles however, beautiful Armenian brides are quite the opposite! A typical Armenian mail-order bride will often dream of having children in the West so she can give them the best life possible. Young Armenian women are perfect if you dream of having a large loving family!

An Armenian Wife Needs a Strong Husband

Armenian brides expect to be married to a man who is not afraid to take charge in a situation. When dating Armenian women it is important to understand that Armenian custom dictates you should be their protector, and provider and not shy away from defending them if needed! Of course, these things can be tricky to prove on a dating website but not impossible! Make sure you come across as loving, traditional and what would be considered manly in Armenia!

Fun-Loving Armenian Girls

The typical Armenian woman is one who isn't afraid to get up and dance. Armenian girls love to express themselves and have fun with their loved ones. Family is a priority for the Armenian bride but so are your closest friends which is what makes dating Armenian ladies so much fun! Enjoy time with your friends and your Armenian girl by making smart choices when you're online dating.

Pros and Cons of Building a Relationship With an Armenian Mail-Order Bride

Single Armenian women who try online dating often have hopes of a new life and a way out of Armenia. However, what exactly does a relationship with an Armenian bride look like? Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of choosing an Armenian wife:


  • Armenian brides prioritize family.

  • Most of these Armenian brides love kids and desire to have a large family.

  • A typical Armenian girl puts her man on a pedestal so you will feel loved and worshipped every day!

  • Armenian females are incredibly beautiful. Kim Kardashian has genetics from Armenia and she is not only beautiful but successful.

  • An Armenian wife is often a skilled chef and enjoys her time spent cooking for her family.


  • Armenian brides are not afraid of speaking the truth. For some husbands, this can be a little shocking.

  • An Armenian woman will often expect the relationship to progress to marriage very quickly.

  • Behind beautiful Armenian women are their parents! Your bride's family might be a little more involved than you would like.

  • With any mail-order bride there will be differences to overcome.

Why Are Armenian Mail-Order Brides So Popular?

Go on any Asian dating website and you will see many men searching for Armenian singles. But why is that? Well, there are many reasons why Armenian singles are so popular so let's take a look at them:

Gorgeous Armenian Brides

There's no denying it, Armenian brides are stunning with dark hair and expressive eyes to die for. The allure of the Armenian girl is what draws so many men to seek out Armenian wives and bring them to the West for a better life.

Armenian Wives are Intelligent

Armenia prioritizes education for both men and women meaning your Armenian girl will be highly educated. The nature of many Armenian wives also means they are not afraid to show their intelligence and many Armenian wives enjoy deep discussions before you have even left the chatroom of the dating sites you met on!

Armenian Wives are Passionate Lovers

Once you find yourself an Armenian woman be prepared for explosive passion like you have never experienced before. Armenia is such a culturally rich country that these women are full of love and fire which you probably wouldn't find in a Western girl.

An Armenian Bride Always Looks Great

Your typical Armenian girl is very fashion-forward and not afraid to wear the most gorgeous outfits even just to go to the grocery store. As you register on a dating site you might even see a glimpse of these stunning outfits in the profiles of Armenian women for marriage.

Armenian Mail-Order Brides vs. Western Brides

When choosing an Armenian bride you are securing for yourself a happy future that is probably going to be a lot more traditional than one with a girl from the West.

Armenian women for marriage are looking for a life partner with whom they can raise children and have a fantastic life. Western culture is turning more into a quick hook-up on a dating site before being ghosted for good!

Where and How Can You Meet Single Armenian Mail-Order Brides for Marriage?

The best place to find your future spouse is definitely Armenia! If you are not going to be using any online platforms or apps to find a bride then travelling to Armenia is your best bet. Let's look at some cities to meet your dream woman:

Yerevan Yerevan

The capital of Armenia and one of the longest continuously inhabited cities in the world is a great place to start when looking for love. Yerevan Yerevan is currently home to many industrial headquarters making it a wealthier part of the country where people come to let their hair down.

Check out the Republic Square, eat at Espress it then head on over to Shame for some of the best drinks and nightlife you'll ever experience.


Home to the Museum of Illusions, Gyumri is a great place to meet people looking for love! Why not visit Central Park and go for a swim before heading to Luna Coffee and Sweets Shop for a slice of tasty cake?


The third most populated city in the country and home to Saint Grigor Narekatsi Church, Vanadzor is a great place to meet women who are interested in culture and history more than partying.

How Much Does an Armenian Mail-Order Bride Cost?

From start to finish you can be looking at around $10,000 to find a suitable Armenian girl to marry. Of course, this also depends on whether you travel to Armenia to find your perfect woman or if you stick to using online methods of matchmaking.

The most expensive parts of the process will be the wedding ceremony and the legal paperwork needed. At this time you might pick up some tips on Armenian wedding customs.

  • If you choose to travel to Armenia you could be looking at around $500 for a week's stay.

  • The price of using a dating site varies tremendously but it starts at around $50 per month. This is also increased if you choose to use gifts or other premium functions during the process.

  • Successfully getting your spouse secured into your home country can also be tricky. As their sponsor, you will need to pay $2050 for a K-1 visa.

  • Of course, after meeting Armenian bride parents you will be expected to put on a true Armenian wedding which will cost at least $10,000 with some weddings costing as much as $40,000.

Legal Considerations When Wedding an Armenian Mail-Order Bride

We've given you the Armenian woman tips but what about the legal aspect of it all? While it is not illegal to marry a lady from Armenia there may be a few legal procedures you must be aware of being tying the knot and also after.

When people discuss "ordering brides online" or "mail order brides" they are actually discussing the process of meeting, dating, and marrying a foreign woman they have met online. Our partners advertising disclosure makes it very clear that the potential lovers you will be contacting are messaging you out of their own free will and will never be forced into anything.

Foreign brides from all over the world are very well looked after by the US through the International Marriage Brokerage Regulation Act, sometimes referred to as IMBRA. This act allows foreign brides to be protected from any abuse they may suffer at the hands of their spouse.

So there you have it! A marriage between a Western man and an Armenian lady is a match made in heaven! You will have the gorgeous traditional wife of your dreams while she gets to have new opportunities in the West.

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