Indian Mail Order Brides: Find Your Ideal Indian Wife on Top Dating Sites

Last Updated 2024-03-13

There are many stereotypes about Indian brides out there, most of them incorrect or outright insulting. Many see Indian women as subservient, traditionalist, or overly chatty. The reality is, however, that every Indian woman is different, and the country as a whole is home to over two thousand different ethnicities.

So, believing that every Indian girl is the same is kind of silly. What isn't silly, however, is recognizing the fact that most Indian ladies on Indian dating sites are exceptionally beautiful and can be fantastic brides to the right man.

What kind of women are Indian mail order brides?

Mail order Indian brides have a lot of things in common with other Asian women on such dating sites. The majority of Indian mail order brides are very young (with an average age of 22.3 years), they are absolutely gorgeous and are looking for a stable marriage with a Western man.

Indian girls on such sites typically want to escape the confines of the patriarchal and overly restrictive Indian culture and want to avoid the arranged marriages that are so common in India. Instead, many single women from India want to find good Western men as they value the freedom and opportunities of Western culture.

Of course, many women on Indian mail order sites also often have economic motivations to look for Western husbands. India isn't the most economically prosperous country right now, and it's perfectly normal for many young and pretty lady there to look for opportunities outside of their home country.

This doesn't mean mail order brides from India aren't looking for a genuine relationship and a happy marriage, however - usually they are simply looking for both love and a better life at the same time.

Top sites to meet Indian girls

There are thousands of sites for Indian mail order brides or just for chatting with Indian women. As with most other things on the internet, however, the vast majority of these sites are full of scams.

The most common types of romance scams revolve either around 1) fake profiles of Indian females that bait unsuspecting men from other countries to pay for chats, or 2) real Indian ladies that don't intend to marry you but just want to get your attention so they can ask you to send money their way.

Fortunately, there are also quite a few real sites for mail order brides from India or just for chatting with Indian girls. Depending on what you're looking for, one dating site may be better than the other, but the five sites below are our top recommendations for finding the perfect Indian wife right now.

1. SakuraDate

SakuraDate is probably the most popular place for folks looking for an Asian wife today. The site has thousands of real profiles of local girls from most Asian countries, including from India. The site is much more reliable than most of its competitors, as the majority of the profiles of potential mail order Indian brides are verified.


  • SakuraDate offers a vast array of advanced features, giving you plenty of options to chat up the Indian woman of your dreams.

  • The UI is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

  • There is a very professional 24/7 customer support, always ready to aid you on your quest to find an Indian mail order wife.

  • SakuraDate has a great matchmaking system, making it very easy to meet the right Indian girl for you.


  • The site doesn't have a live video chat feature. Instead, it simply allows you and the Indian woman you're chatting with to exchange pictures and video messages.

  • SakuraDate doesn't have a dedicated mobile app as of yet.

2. EasternHoneys

The second most popular and reputable site for meeting Indian brides is EasternHoneys. The site has a massive database with lots of potential Indian brides who are actively looking for great husbands from around the world to marry.


  • EasternHoneys has some of the most beautiful women you'll ever find on any dating site.

  • The site uses a credit system instead of a flat subscription fee, which means you won't have to pay that much if you're not using the site very actively.

  • EasternHoneys has numerous great communication tools and quality-of-life features.

  • The customer support on the site is exceptional.


  • Many people dislike the credit system on sites like EasternHoneys as it can get pricey very fast if you want to chat more regularly and extensively with potential Indian mail order brides.

  • EasterHoneys also doesn't have a dedicated mobile app yet.

3. OrchidRomance

Another great place to chat with Indian brides, OrchidRomance uses a credit system similar to EasternHoneys and has a huge base of thousands of mail order brides from India and many other Asian countries.


  • It's very easy to meet Indian brides on OrchidRomance thanks to the site's package of 20 credits for first-time users.

  • OrchidRomance is very well-designed, making it very easy to meet future Indian wives.

  • Finding an Indian mail order wife is quite easy on OrchidRomance, given how large the site's database is.


  • While the site's UI is relatively simple, many users are complaining of the near-constant stream of annoying pop-ups.

  • There have been some allegations of mail order bride scams on OrchidRomance, although our experience is that the customer support there works tirelessly to clean the site of scam profiles.

4. AsianMelodies

AsianMelodies is one of those sites that emphasize the search for serious relationships with real Indian brides over the simple chatter of "normal" dating sites.


  • The site has a very slick and convenient design, making it very easy to find the potential bride you've been looking for.

  • The customer support on AsianMelodies is second to none.

  • The profiles of every potential Indian bride on AsianMelodies are regularly verified against scams.


  • Despite efforts of profile verification, there are still occasional scam reports by some customers.

  • AsianMelodies was infamous for the occasional site glitches a while back, although that seems to be a thing of the past now.

5. LoverWhirl

Last but not least on our list is LoverWhirl. Finding an Indian bride on this site is quite easy thanks to the enormous base of verified profiles of mail order brides from all over Asia.


  • LoverWhirl boasts an impressive amount of over 80,000 monthly visits.

  • There are thousands of profiles of Indian girls on LoverWhirl, the majority of whom are waiting for lucky guys from Western countries.

  • Despite its credit system, LoverWhirl has lots of free features, allowing you to find the perfect Indian bride for you without overspending all that much.


  • The free features of LoverWhirl may be notable, but the credit system still means that chatting more extensively with a potential Indian mail order bride will often cost you quite a bit over time.

Why are Indian mail order brides so popular and why should you choose an Indian mail order bride?

This is probably the easiest question to answer. The ladies looking for marriage on Indian mail bride sites are almost always young, gorgeous, with beautiful black long hair, well-educated, and with a strong interest in Western life and culture.

Such ladies are typically brought up in conservative traditional families and value marriage, loyalty, honesty, and family life. At the same time, however, most of them are also looking for the freedom and modernity of the West, making for a great balance of personality traits.

Indian mail order brides dating culture

Dating an Indian gal online can be quite the experience in and of itself. Many girls on Indian mail bride sites are very enthusiastic about finding the perfect match. Many others, however, can be quite reserved when chatting about themselves.

This means that you might often be looking at a fairly long courting process, but that's often worth it if you are to bring that long hair beauty home.

It's strongly recommended to plan for at least a couple or more in-person meetings before you commit to anything, of course. While this can increase your traveling expenses, it's always better to truly get to know someone before you start paying for her Visa.

Pros and Cons of building a relationship with an Indian bride

Everything here is relative, of course, and no two ladies are the same. However, we can extrapolate a few common Pros and Cons that are true more often than not.


  • India's young would-be brides are some of the most stunning women on the planet.

  • Most girls in the country are brought up respecting marriage as an institution.

  • Most Indian brides know English very well, and many of them don't even have the Indian accent people often assume every Indian has.

  • Indian gals are often highly educated, entrepreneurial, and hard-working.

  • The culture in India is much more lively and colorful than most Western cultural norms, and by finding an Indian bride you can bring a slice of that awesome culture to your home.

  • Large families with many children are the norm in India, which is exactly what a lot of Wstern men are looking for.


  • Indian culture is quite different from most Western cultures, which can make for a rather significant cultural shock at first.

  • It's very easy for an Indian girl to grow homesick in the West.

Indian brides vs Western brides

Every woman is her own person, but there are still some cultural differences between Indian ladies and women in most countries in the West.

For one, Indian women are typically brought up in a more family-focused culture. This makes it reasonable to expect that your future Indian bride will be devoted to her family life.

An Indian bride will also bring a lot of her colorful culture with her as well, making her husband's life that much spicier and more interesting.

Women from India are also used to feeling near-constant family pressure to conform. This means a few things to you - 1) most Indian gals who look for relationships with Westerners want to escape from this form of pressure, and 2) Indian women are very resilient and look for a stable and balanced marriage.

Where and how can you meet single Indian women for marriage?

As with any other country, India has a rather significant divide between its urban and rural regions. Furthermore, India is a country of thousands of different ethnicities and people of all the major world religions. So, there is quite a bit of diversity in the Indian wives you can meet.

With that in mind, which cities or areas should you look at when searching for your Indian mail order bride? Everything is subjective, of course, but our recommendation would be to look at big urban centers. If you'd rather talk with Western-minded and highly educated Indian brides, big cities are where you'd want to look.

  1. Mumbai

With a population of over 12,5 million people, Mumbai is the largest city in India and one of the largest metropolises in the world. Finding an Indian wife from this city means a very high likelihood that she'll have excellent English, she'll be well-educated, she'll be very familiar with and interested in Western culture, and she'll be more than eager to marry a Western man.

  1. Delhi

This is the second largest city in India with a population of over 11 million people by last count. As such, many of the things that were true for Mumbai apply here as well

An honorable mention goes to New Delhi. While New Delhi is much smaller (barely a quarter of a million people), New Delhi is the capital of India. This makes it a very modern city full of modern and educated women who can make for excellent dating success stories for many Western men.

  1. Bangalore

Bangalore is the third largest city in India with a population of about 8.5 million. This naturally means that Bangalore is home to millions of women, many of whom would be more than happy to start a family and a life with a foreigner.

Bangalore is also the center of India's high-tech industry and is famous for its nightlife. This makes it likely the best city in India to look for a modern Indian mail order bride.

  1. Hyderabad

With a population of about 7 million people, Hyderabad is one of the technological hubs of India. For folks looking for a tech-savvy and well-educated Indian mail order wife, looking for potential brides in Hyderabad is one of the best bets you can make.

  1. Ahmedabad

Also known as Amdavad, this city was the first first UNESCO Heritage City in India. This doesn't mean it's a small historical settlement, however, as Ahmedabad has a population of over 5 million people. The city has varied industries and an active nightlife culture, as well as many Western-thinking Indian women.

How much does an Indian mail order bride cost?

Indian mail order brides don't really "cost" anything as they aren't something you can "purchase." While the term "mail order bride" can be deceiving, we're really just talking about Indian women looking to date and potentially marry foreigners.

So, the "cost" of an Indian mail order bride is really just the standard dating expenses you'd have with any other local woman, together with some traveling expenses, immigration and Visa costs, engagement and marriage funds, and so on.

The sites where you can meet Indian brides cost money too, of course, whether in the form of a monthly subscription or credits; however, those pale in comparison to the other dating expenses above.

All in all, the exact cost of finding an Indian wife will largely depend on how much you spend on travel expenses and how much you want to splurge on the wedding itself. In most cases, we're talking about anywhere between several thousand and several tens of thousands of dollars or euros.

The legality of Indian mail order brides

It's only natural to fear that looking for a "mail order" Asian wife isn't legal. After all, how can you legally order a human being by the mail?

Fortunately, this is just an expression, and there is nothing illegal in chatting with, dating, and then marrying an Asian lady.

So, while the term "Indian mail order brides" is a bit demeaning and inaccurate, you can rest assured that finding an Indian wife through a mail order bride site is perfectly legal and fine.

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