Pakistani Mail Order Brides: Your Guide to Finding a Soul Mate

Last Updated 2024-03-13

Compared to a mail order bride from other countries such as India, Vietnam, or the Philippines, Pakistani mail order brides aren't as popular yet. This isn't because there aren't tens of millions of fantastic and beautiful Pakistani women, however - there certain are!

Instead, this trend is largely due to how conservative and restrictive Pakistani culture and society still are, compared even to most other countries in South Asia. While this means there are fewer Pakistani ladies on mail order dating websites, however, it also means that Pakistani mail order wives are even more enthusiastic to meet great Western men than other Asian women online.

So, let's go over the best ways to find, date, and marry a beautiful Pakistani woman.

What kind of women are Pakistani mail order brides?

A Pakistani mail order wife is typically young, stunningly beautiful, and eager to escape the confines of Pakistan's overly patriarchal and restrictive society. It's also common for a Pakistani girl to look for a foreign man because she wants to marry someone in a more modern and economically stronger country.

However, these last two factors don't mean single Pakistani women aren't looking for a genuine romantic connection and a satisfying married life.

On the contrary, just like Indian women and most other women from South and Southeast Asia, Pakistani women are very family-oriented and seek a harmonious relationship based on mutual respect.

Pakistani brides also typically love children as the fertility rate in Pakistan is 3.238 births per woman (compared to the 1.5 - 1.9 that's the norm in most Western countries). This means most Pakistani wives have a strong desire for larger families.

Additionally, as women in Pakistan have few education and employment options, many Pakistani women seek Western men because they want the opportunity to be more independent women, and not just the future wives of Pakistani spouses.

Top sites to meet Pakistani women:

There are a few ways to meet hot Pakistani brides - from working with marriage agencies and matrimonial services in Pakistan to just traveling to Pakistan yourself.

The best and rapidly growing in popularity method, however, is to use reputable sites for dating Asian mail order brides. Unlike a Pakistani marriage agency, such sites give you the freedom of unlimited online communication with Pakistani girls.

This way, you can browse Pakistani brides catalogs as much as you want, chat and video call potential Pakistani brides at your own pace, and really get to know the woman who could become your Pakistani bride.

Plus, if you want to have a few face-to-face meetings with your future wife, you can also do that whenever you want to. The "reputable" part above is key, however, as online dating mail order brides isn't without its risk of scams.

Catfishing scams, blackmail, and send-me-money scams are all common in online dating which is why it's important to pick the right website when looking for a Pakistani mail order bride. Here are our recommendations:

1. SakuraDate

This is one of the most popular websites for folks seeking serious relationships with Asian ladies and likely the most popular site for Pakistani brides in particular. SakuraDate is famously reliable compared to most other online platforms and a great way to meet single Pakistani women.


  • SakuraDate's matchmaking system is excellent for finding the most suitable Pakistani brides, so you won't have to try around at random.

  • SakuraDate's UI is very smooth and easy to work with.

  • The site has a great 24/7 customer service team.

  • SakuraDate has numerous unique advanced features you won't find on other sites for Pakistani brides.


  • There is no dedicated mobile app for SakuraDate as of writing this.

  • SakuraDate doesn't have a live video chat feature, and instead just allows people to exchange pictures and video files.

2. EasternHoneys

Another great option is EasternHoneys. The site is famous for its abundance of gorgeous women from Southeast Asia, but there certainly are plenty of Pakistani girls there as well.


  • EasternHoneys' credit system means you only pay for using specific features, and not for a general monthly subscription. In other words - if you use less of the site, you'll pay less.

  • The site offers numerous communication options.

  • EasterHoneys' customer support is very much on-point.


  • The site's credit system isn't to everyone's liking as it means you can end up paying quite a bit of you're using it a lot.

  • There is no mobile app as of yet.

3. OrchidRomance

An extremely popular site for forming cross cultural relationships with Asian ladies, OrchidRomance is very similar to EasternHoneys in all the right ways.


  • OrchidRomance has a huge database of gorgeous ladies, including many Pakistani girls.

  • The site is very well-made and user-friendly.

  • OrchidRomance's credit system offers 20 free credits for first-time users.


  • As with EasternHoneys, some people don't like OrchidRomance's credit system, which means you need to pay extra to have longer chats with a Pakistani lady.

  • There have been some reports of fake profiles on OrchidRomance in the past.

4. AsianMelodies

If you're looking for a serious relationship and a deep personal connection with an awesome Pakistani girl, and not just a quick fling, few sites are better than AsianMelodies.


  • AsianMelodies verifies the profiles of all its users regularly, all but eliminating the risk of catfishing and other scams.

  • The customer support on this site is better than any other we've used so far.

  • The user interface is very smooth and easy to use in your quest to meet Pakistani brides.


  • There used to be some issues with glitches on AsianMelodies a while back.

5. LoverWhirl

Another great place to meet your future Pakistani bride is LoverWhirl. The site has a huge database of Asian beauties and more and more Pakistani women are joining every day too.


  • With tens of thousands of new visits every month, LoverWhirl is one of the fastest-growing dating sites out there.

  • LoverWhirl has a ton of free features


  • LoverWhirl uses a credit system like most other sites on this list, which means your bills may start increasing rather rapidly if you use more than the site's free features.

Why exactly should you choose a Pakistani bride?

Marrying a Pakistani wife is one of the greatest joys a man can have. By and large, a Pakistani woman values honest communication, is dedicated to the prosperity of her entire family, is looking for children and happy family life, and is simultaneously looking for the freedom of liberal life in Western countries while also having a strong sense of family values.

Pakistani girls on mail order bride dating sites are also quite young given that the mean age for a first marriage in Pakistan is 19.6 years and the mean age for childbearing is 28.58 years.

A Pakistan mail order bride does come from a culture that's significantly different from what most people in the West are used to, of course. Pakistan is an Islamic republic, after all.

However, that too can be a huge boon for Western men as the cultural norms in Pakistan include strong respect for the marriage process and marital status, devotion to family members, and building stable and faithful relationships.

That, combined with the strong drive for more educational and employment opportunities of most Pakistani wives in the West, makes these women an excellent and well-balanced choice for most men.

Pakistani mail order brides dating culture

Dating a Pakistani woman, whether online or in person, can come with a few hiccups for Western men due to certain cultural differences. This is especially true if you're used to the modern online dating culture in the West.

Things such as asking overly personal questions right off the gate or even sending unsolicited intimate pictures can be huge No-Nos.

This doesn't mean that all Pakistani brides are overly conservative and you very well may chance upon a more open and liberal girl from a more accepting and open minded family. However, in Pakistan, by and large dating is expected to be done in a respectful manner, especially when it's done in such unorthodox and modern ways.

This applies doubly to in-person meetings too, so it's important to be prepared if you're planning on doing a few face-to-face meetings with your bride to be before you start thinking of bringing her over to your country.

First dates are expected to be done in social settings with other Pakistanis and family members around, to ensure that nothing indecent is being done. In many cases, it would even be expected to avoid all intimacy before marriage.

Learning a bit more about Pakistani culture beforehand (or during the early stages of the courting) is also strongly advised. There are a lot of intricate and interesting factoids to know about Pakistan - from their many awesome Pakistani wedding traditions to the pretty tense relations between Pakistan and India.

A common mistake we've seen numerous people make is casually mention famous actress Ayesha Khan as an example of a "Pakistani wife," when Ayesha Khan is actually Indian but married to an officer from Pakistan. Needless to say, if you happen to be courting a particularly patriotic Pakistani lady, making "the Ayesha Khan error" can bring a swift error to the courting process.

There are many different cultures in Pakistan

Another thing to note is that Pakistan is a very multicultural country too, and there are some inner ethnic tensions to also keep in mind when dating a Pakistani lady.

There are 6 major ethnic groups - Punjabis (44.7%), Pashtuns (18.24%), Sindhis (14.1%), Saraikis (8.4%), Muhajirs (7.6%), and Balochis (3.6%). So, while the Punjabis are the solid majority, there is still a more than 50% chance that you meet a girl from a different ethnicity and it's good to be aware of the differences between them.

This doesn't mean you should research all ethnicities ahead of time, of course, but doing some quick research in the early stages of the courting is always wise.

Language-wise, the national language in Pakistan is Urdu, but English is also an official language there, so any Pakistani girl you're courting should be fine with English. So, even though there are over 70 other languages in Pakistan, this at least isn't something you should worry about.

Pros and Cons of building a relationship with Pakistani girls online

Dating foreigners always comes with its Pros and Cons for both men and women. Dating a Pakistani girl is no exception, though you'll likely find that the Pros vastly outweigh the Cons.


  • Pakistani brides are among the most mindbogglingly gorgeous women in the world.

  • Women in Pakistan tend to be brought up with a strong sense of traditional values, which prompts them to seek stable, loving, and long-lasting families.

  • At the same time, many Pakistani girls are seeking to escape the overly conservative and restrictive Pakistani society, as they seek the freedom offered by the West. This means that Pakistani women that want relationships with Western men are typically looking for a marriage built on mutual respect and equality, not just on blind subservience.

  • Culture in the South Asian country is quite different from most Western cultures, but that's often a positive, as we are talking about a genuinely awesome, colorful, and joyous culture.

  • The average ages for marriage and child bearing in Pakistan are significantly lower than those in the West, which is great if you're looking for a large family with several children.

  • While English isn't the primary language in Pakistan (that's Urdu), English is still the second official language there, due to the country's colonial past. So, unlike with many other Asian brides, you can expect the Pakistani girl you're courting to have great language skills.


  • As awesome as the culture in the South Asian country is, there is a risk of a cultural clash when marrying a Pakistani bride. This is true every time foreigners date and marry, however, and isn't anything exclusive to Pakistan.

  • Do keep in mind that Pakistan is a predominantly Muslim country, so, there likely will be religious differences between you too. That being said, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are all Abrahamic religions and the differences between them are often grossly overstated.

  • Education and employment levels for women in Pakistan are typically quite low. So, especially if you're marring a younger woman, you can expect her to have lower education levels than women in the West.

  • In addition to the shock, loneliness and depression can be problems for many Pakistani mail order brides, as moving to the West usually means they have to leave their entire families, social circles, and world behind. This is compounded by the fact that Western culture is typically much more isolationist and lonely than life in Pakistan. This can be negated if you manage to create a great family life for your new wife, however, which is likely the goal of this whole endeavor anyway.

Why are Pakistani brides so popular?

Pardon the non-answer, but - why wouldn't they be? Pakistani women are drop-dead gorgeous, often in-love with Western culture, family-oriented, have strong traditional values, know good English, and are eager to move to the West. If you're dreaming of a dark-haired beauty to bring home, the only major reason not to go for a Pakistani mail order bride is the monetary cost (which we'll detail below).

Pakistani mail order brides vs Western Brides

As we've established, there are a ton of cultural differences between Pakistani ladies and women in the West. Those differences have their positives and negatives, however, and it's also important to remember that all women are individuals and we can't just say "X is always better than Y."

That being said, Pakistani women are - on average - more traditional, reserved, family-oriented, and eager for child bearing than women in the West. This is largely due to the culture they've lived in.

Pakistani brides are also often very enthusiastic about the near-unlimited opportunities offered in the liberal West too, as life in Pakistan does offer much opportunities for education or gainful employment to Pakistani women.

So, even though you can expect your future bride more conservative than her Western counterparts, don't assume that she won't be interested in having her own career or advancing her education.

Lastly, we'd be amiss if we don't mention that Pakistani women are just stunningly beautiful. Yes, western women can be gorgeous too, but there is a reason why hot Pakistani brides are rapidly growing in popularity in recent times.

Where and how can you meet single Pakistani mail order brides for marriage?

When looking for a mail order bride from Pakistan, it's important to not only pick the right online platform or marriage agency, but also to choose which part of Pakistan you'd want your would-be Pakistani wife to be from.

Remember, Pakistan is one of the most populous countries on the planet with over 230 million people living there. Furthermore, there are dozens of different ethnic groups in Pakistan, many with drastically different societal norms, customs, languages, and even local laws.

So, while we're not saying that one ethnicity is better than another, it's smart to choose where you want your future life partner to be from when you start looking for a Pakistani mail order bride.

Our recommendation? Go for ladies from the bigger cities, whether you're looking for online or in-person dating. As in most other countries, women from bigger cities are usually better-educated, more well off economically, and have a more modern outlook on life.

There are always exceptions to this, of course, but in general, we'd recommend that you start your search for your a Pakistani mail order bride in one of the following cities:


The largest city in Pakistan and one of the largest metropolises in the world, Karachi has a population of 14,916,456 people. It is the financial hub of the country, as well as home to many historical sites. If you're looking for a modern and well-educated Pakistani bride that's looking for love and not just for financial support, Karachi is likely your best bet.


Lahore is not the capital city of Pakistan, but it's often seen as the cultural capital. The city has a population of 11,126,285 people and is home to many fantastic cultural sights such as the Lahore fort, the romantic Shalimar Gardens (a UNESCO World Heritage site), the Andaaz restaurant, and more.

If you're looking for a Pakistani bride from a culturally-rich region that'd be artistically-minded, well-educated, and an all around good company to be with, Lahore is the place to look at.


Aside from the two megalopolises in Pakistan, there are quite a few other "more normal" big cities. The biggest of them is Faisalabad (or Lyallpur) with a population of 3,204,726 people.

Located in the heart of the Punjab, Faisalabad is a lively city with rich history. Formerly an agricultural town from the British colonial era, today Lyallpur is an industrial and commercial center.


Also in the Punjab, Rawalpindi (or just Pindi) is the fourth most populous city in Pakistan with about 2,098,231 people living there. A Pakistani bride from Pindi has grown up around countless historical landmarks and gorgeous natural scenes. Much of the city's heritage comes from the famous Mughal period.


Fifth on the list and with a population of 2,027,001, Gujranwala is known as the "City of Wrestlers" and is the capital of the Gujranwala Division in Pakistan. It's a vibrant urban center with both a rich history and a prosperous modern industry.


We usually restrict such lists to the Top 5 cities, but here we'll add an honorable mention too. Islamabad may have a population of "only" about a million people, but it's the capital city of Pakistan and one of the most modern urban centers in the country. Home to the Faisal mosque, the Daman-e-Koh, and the historical Saidpur Village, Islamabad is a fantastic place to look for a Western-minded girl.

How much does a Pakistani mail order bride cost?

The exact costs you can expect when courting Pakistani women can vary depending on how you want to go about it. The online dating itself isn't all that expensive as even if you go overboard with the credit systems on sites like SakuraDate and EasternHoneys, your monthly credit bills for them will still likely be in the two-digit range.

If you want to arrange a few face-to-face meetings with your future Pakistani wife, however - something that's obviously highly recommended to make sure you're a good match - then you'd be looking at rather hefty travel expenses.

As with any other instance of flying abroad, it's usually best to get tickets well in advance to lower the overall costs. Yes, waiting a while can be annoying, but you can use the time to get to know your bride-to-be even better online.

Once you and your your future Pakistani wife are sure you want to move forward, it's time for the wedding and for bringing your wife to your home country. Both of these events can be quite expensive too.

The Visa approval and the preparation for the Visa interview can take time and money, as does moving abroad. As for the wedding - be advised that traditional Pakistani weddings are often quite the extravagant affairs.

They include various colorful traditions such as the groom's procession or Baraat, the Mehndi ceremony, the Walima reception (hosted by the groom's family), the Rukhsati sending off of the bride, and so on - all of these traditions are absolutely beautiful but can weigh on your budget too.

Overall, while Pakistani brides don't "cost" anything - after all you're not actually "buying" anyone - the whole process of dating, courting, proposing to, marrying, and starting a life with a Pakistani woman can end up costing tens of thousands of dollars or euros.

Are Pakistani mail order brides really legal?

The term "mail order bride" can make it sound as if something illegal is taking place, but keep in mind that all we're talking about is dating Pakistani women. And that is, of course, perfectly legal both in the West and in Pakistan itself.

There are no local laws in the country that prohibit Pakistani girls from dating foreigners (even if the more conservative Pakistani families may frown upon it) and there certainly aren't any laws in the West that'd prohibit you from courting and marrying Pakistani women.

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