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Do you fantasize about meeting and marrying a beautiful Japanese woman? Maybe you're drawn to the physical beauty of these women, or you're enamored with Japanese culture. If you're like many Western men who are interested in women from Asian countries, you're not happy with your dating experiences at home. If any of these things apply to you, Japanese mail-order brides could be the perfect solution.

What Kind of Women Are Japanese Mail Order Brides

The women who decide to become Japanese mail-order brides come from all levels of society. They are not all impoverished and uneducated. They certainly aren't sex workers or party girls. Instead, they are educated, attractive women who have made a conscious decision to be open to dating and marrying Western men.

Most of them are educated and employed. They are interested in Western culture and want to seek out opportunities that they cannot achieve in Japan. Many find Western men to be quite attractive and would love to start a family with one.

Frequently, a woman will decide to become a Japanese mail-order bride because she's not happy with the Japanese men who are available to her. Local women often find that Japanese men want to stay single longer. Many are also not financially stable. So, they seek out foreign men for long-term relationships and marriage. Also, a Japanese girl from a small village will have even fewer choices when it comes to marriage.

Top Sites to Meet Japanese Brides

The best way to meet Japanese mail-order brides is through online dating. These dating websites offer mail-order bride services.

1. SakuraDate

SakuraDate is one of the most well-respected online dating sites among men interested in dating Japanese women. The website is easy to use, and men can quickly create a user profile and begin looking for single Japanese women. Users will enjoy the varied communication features that make it easy to get to know a Japanese girl online.


  • Detailed Profiles

  • Responsive Customer Support

  • Great Recommendation Engine


  • This dating site has no mobile app

2. EasternHoneys

EasternHoneys is also one of the best dating sites for finding Japanese brides. Men appreciate the great balance of male to female users, the ability to view profiles on their own, and the excellent recommendations they receive based on their preferences. This dating site also prioritizes user safety and security.


  • Excellent communication options

  • User friendly


  • Slow website performance

3. Orchidromance

OrchidRomance is a well-respected online dating site with a large selection of prospective Japanese brides. This dating platform is so well-designed that men can have a completed profile in just a few moments. That's all it takes to begin looking up beautiful Japanese women. While many of the online communication features cost extra, new users receive a fabulous deal on their initial purchase of credits.


  • Mobile friendly

  • Some of the prettiest Japanese brides online


  • Lack of a mobile app


Asian Melodies is a mail-order bride service that matches Asian women who want a serious relationship with Western men. Although the site focuses on matches throughout the continent, there are plenty of Japanese brides available. Even better, it's easy for men to find the ideal Japanese wives thanks to the advanced search features.


  • Verified profiles

  • Excellent deals on credits


  • Slow website performance can cause frustration

5. LoverWhirl

Many men can share their success stories about finding Japanese brides thanks to Lover Whirl. Even men who aren't very computer savvy can use this dating site to find a Japanese mail-order girlfriend. Most also appreciate that the site is safe and secure so they can worry much less about scams or fake profiles.


  • User friendly

  • Great customer service


  • A mobile app would be a great improvement

Why Choose Japanese Women

What is it about Japanese brides? Yes, some men do fantasize about beautiful, Japanese women, but there are so many other reasons that these ladies make amazing wives. Here are just a few positive traits you will discover in the average Japanese bride.

Japanese Brides Are Amazing Cooks

Most Japanese girls begin learning to cook at a young age. By the time they reach adulthood, they can make a variety of dishes. If you are one of the men who are lucky enough to have a Japanese wife, you can benefit from her culinary knowledge. This is a great thing because Japanese food manages to be light, healthy, and soulful all at once.

Your Japanese Girlfriend Will be Diligent in Work And Education

A Japanese girl will always approach two things with serious intentions. Those are her education and career. You will be impressed with her dedication and self-discipline. Also, you can be sure that she will be very willing to do what it takes to contribute to the household and give you reasons to be proud of her accomplishments.

Most Japanese Women Have a Gentle Nature at Home

Japanese women are very driven and even competitive. However, when it comes to their relationships with their husbands, things are different. A Japanese lady is demure and soft-spoken. She will rarely raise her voice or make things into a confrontation unless she is truly upset.

Japanese culture emphasizes the concept of saving face. This means that even when a person is wrong or has made a mistake, it's never okay to shame or embarrass them. So, if the two of you ever do have a disagreement, you can be sure she isn't interested in making you feel or look bad. Mostly, she simply wants peace and resolution.

Japanese Women Are Very Hospitable

Do you entertain frequently? If you have guests in your home quite often, consider a Japanese bride. She is the perfect woman to serve as a host for your family, coworkers, or friends. With her generous and sweet nature, she can make interesting conversation, charm your guests, and ensure that everyone is having a great time.

Japanese Dating Culture

Japanese brides all start out as prospective girlfriends. If you plan to meet Japanese women to date and marry, you've got to understand the Japanese dating scene.

Group Dating is Popular Among Japanese Brides

In Japan, you'll find that the local girls frequently go out on group dates. This helps to ensure that people feel safer and have an enjoyable time. Because, even when they don't hit it off with the person they are dating, Japanese women can chat with others in the group. There's also a tradition called Gokon. This is a group blind date where an equal number of Japanese girls and guys go out with the hope of making connections.

Japanese Ladies Enjoy Long Dates

It's quite common for Japanese women to go on extended dates that include several activities. For example, you and your future Japanese wife might meet in the late morning, take a walk through a park, eat lunch, go shopping, catch a movie, and have dinner and drinks.

These extensive dates are a good thing if you think about it. They let you make the most of offline dating to get to know one another better.

Home Dates Are Common

Japanese women and men frequently enjoy dates at home. Just like a home date in the US, they might share a meal from a restaurant, watch movies, chat, and play video games. But, there are some cultural differences at play.

In the West, while there's no obligation for a date like this to turn sexual, there's definitely an association between home dates and intimacy. If nothing else, other people often assume that a couple has become intimate if they are going to one another's homes, particularly in the evening. Because of this, home dates don't often happen until the relationship has been established.

This is not the case with Japanese women or men. Home dates are seen as a normal, expected part of dating. Nobody assumes these dates are not platonic, or that the relationship is becoming more serious. So, don't be surprised if a Japanese woman suggests spending an evening at her house or yours. Definitely don't assume she has sexual intent.

You And Your Future Japanese Wife Will Have an Official Start Date

Most Japanese brides don't do undefined relationships. In Japan, a couple will usually state clearly that they have feelings for one another, and agree to start a relationship. They will remember the day this happens as the start of their relationship, and may celebrate that in the future. So, keep in mind that the moment you declare a relationship will be a special occasion for your future wife.

Local Girls Aren't Into PDA

Japan is a pretty conservative country when it comes to PDA. It's just not considered an acceptable thing to do. If you get too touchy-feely in public spaces, Japanese girls are going to be turned off. So, keep the physical affection to a minimum when you are in a public place.

Japanese Women Don't Like Clingy Guys

Japanese girls and guys prioritize work and personal responsibilities over dating and romance. It's just a part of their culture. Local women won't be upset if you go a few days without texting them. Likewise, they don't expect you to be upset if they don't reach out to you when they are busy. In fact, it's a bit of a turn-off when a prospective foreign husband sends out multiple texts or begs for attention. If your future wife is busy don't take it personally if communication is at a minimum.

Japanese Brides Expect to Go Dutch

Japanese ladies expect that many dates will be Dutch. This is unlike the West where it is more traditional for either the man to pay or the person who suggested the date. That said, because of the nature of your relationship, a Japanese mail-order bride may have slightly higher expectations that you will be funding most of your dates and other expenses associated with spending time together.

Beautiful Japanese Wedding Traditions

If things go well, you'll have a wonderful Japanese wedding ceremony to look forward to. Japanese weddings are rich in tradition. Here are just a few things to expect:

  • A betrothal ceremony where gifts and money are exchanged at the home of the parent's of the foreign bride

  • Specially selected wedding dates for good luck and a blessed future

  • Honoring parents with bouquets and letters

  • Presents of wrapped cash

  • Small gifts to present to the guests

  • Your Japanese mail order wife may change gowns several times

  • Sake sharing ceremony between the bride and groom's families

Pros And Cons of Building a Relationship With Women From Japan

You know why Japanese brides are such a great choice, but you should go into any relationship with your eyes fully opened. Before you meet and marry a Japanese bride online, take a look at these relationship pros and cons.

Pros of Marrying Japanese Mail Order Brides

So many men of happy with their Japanese brides. If you're considering mail-order brides from Japan, here are some great reasons to believe that you will be one of many success stories.

The Outer Beauty of Japanese Brides is Undeniable

No, physical appearance isn't the most important thing. Still, most of us want to be married to someone who is attractive. We keep up our own appearances for the same reasons. Well, few women are healthier and more beautiful than a Japanese woman. There's just something special from the combination of genetics, personal care, diet, and exercise that makes these women so stunning.

Japanese Mail Order Wives Are Fun And Open-Minded

Japan is a traditional society, but also modern. You get the perfect balance. On one hand, Japanese mail-order wives love to care for their home and family. They tend to avoid confrontation and be soft-spoken. On the other, Japanese ladies are fun-loving! Your Japanese bride will probably love going out. She's got plenty of fun interests that might include movies, fashion, anime, music, manga, and going out to eat. You can also bet that a Japanese mail-order bride is interested in travel and other cultures.

This is why Japanese ladies tend to attract Western guys who are interested in dating Asian women but don't need an ultra-traditional wife.

A Japanese Mail Order Bride is Sociable

As a whole, Japanese mail-order brides are sociable and outgoing. They enjoy talking and getting to know other people. They have bubbly personalities that are so infectious. You'll really enjoy getting to know your Japanese bride online using video chat and other fun communication options.

Cons of Getting Married to Japanese Brides

Nothing ruins a relationship faster than unrealistic expectations. If you want a healthy relationship with any Japanese mail-order bride, you should be prepared to work through some things and accept a few flaws in your partner. As wonderful as your Japanese wife may be here are some downsides you might experience.

Language Barriers

Not every Japanese bride is fully fluent in English. Some may use online translators and need some time to get better at speaking and writing English. So, she may need some help from you when she moves back to your country. That's okay! She will also be happy to help you get along when you visit Japan. Although, if you learn a few words and phrases in Japanese, she will appreciate that.

A Japanese Bride May Not be The Best Choice For a Conservative Foreign Husband

Single Japanese women tend to be adventurous, independent, educated, and career-driven. You may find a Japanese woman who wants to settle down as a housewife when she gets married, but that isn't guaranteed. A man who is most compatible with a Japanese mail-order bride will accept that his partner is going to see herself as his equal and want a lot of freedom.

Guys who are interested in meeting a partner online who is traditional and will see him as the head of the household might be better off selecting another Asian country. There are plenty of more traditional women who are interested in finding foreign husbands.

Why Are Japanese Girls so Popular

Japanese mail-order brides are some of the most popular on dating websites. They often rank near the top of women from Asian countries, but why are Western men so attracted to them?

Asian Beauty

Sexy Japanese women have some exotic physical attributes that men in the West find disirable. While outer beauty shouldn't be a deiciding factor, it's certainly one reason that guys are so smitten with finding Japanese wives.

Fascination With Japanese Society

Japanese culture is presented to people in the West as something that is mysterious and alluring. Many men grow up immersed in Japanese pop culture and become interested in finding a Japanese woman to date or marry. This can be a great thing as long as the guy is respectful and open to learning. But, it's important to never seek out a Japanese woman based on stereotypes or to fetishize anyone.

Compatibility With Foreign Men

When guys meet Japanese women on dating sites they often notice that they have a lot in common. This is because many of these women are modern and have some Western sensibilities. This makes them quite compatible with their foreign husbands.

Japanese Brides Vs Western Brides

What are the differences between Japanese women and Western women when it comes to relationships and marriage? First, it's important to understand that despite overall cultural differences between the two, there are many similarities between the two. This is particularly true of Japanese women from larger cities. In these places, Japanese culture has evolved to be more like Western culture. Still, you can see some differences

First, Japanese brides tend to be more reserved and soft-spoken. Women from the West are a bit louder and more outspoken. Western brides are more modern while a Japanese bride is likely to honor tradition and family structure. Also, a Japanese wife has been raised in a society that emphasizes community over individuality. She makes decisions based on that hierarchy. Meanwhile, Western countries encourage individualism. People think in terms of themselves, their wants, their needs, and their rights. These differences impact how these different women handle conflict, make choices when it comes to household budgets, and decide how they are going to set their priorities.

Where And How to Meet Japanese Mail Order Brides

You're ready to meet some beautiful Japanese women! Where do you go to do this? You can take one of two approaches. The first is to go to Japan in person in search of Japanese brides. We recommend going to one of the five biggest cities in Japan as you will be able to meet the most Japanese girls.


If you go to the best dating websites, you will find many mail order Japanese brides from Tokyo. This busy metropolis is the most populous city in Japan, and there's plenty to do if you want to switch to offline dating to meet your future wife and get to know her better. Enjoy spending time bike riding in Showa Kinen Park, visiting Yebisu Garden Place, or stargazing at Konica Minolta Planetarium Manten


Yokohama is another wonderful city where you can meet Japanese brides. If you have the opportunity to visit the place and meet your prospective bride in person, there are some fun and romantic places to see. Start with a cherry blossom tour, visit Chinatown, see the cup noodles museum, and have a blast at Yokohama Cosmo World.


Osaka is another city that you'll see frequently on Asian dating platforms. If you're fortunate enough to find your wife there, you'll love visiting this amazing city. When you arrive, enjoy a wonderful date in Dotonbori. This is the area's premier nightlife spot. Check out Osaka Castle to learn more about the country's history.


Nagoya is located between Kyoto and Tokyo which makes this a great place to live and work. Naturally, plenty of mail-order brides call this city home. Check out the beautiful Noritake Garden, see Nagoya Castle, and tour the Asahi Brewery.


Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido. It's in the northernmost part of Japan and is a popular winter destination. If you can, schedule your visit so you can take your new love to the Sapporo Snow Festival. No matter when you go there are plenty of things to do, amazing restaurants, and interesting sites to experience.

As you can imagine, this option is pretty high-risk and low reward. It's not guaranteed that you will meet any women to date. There's even less of a chance that you will connect with a Japanese girl who is so compatible with you that the two of you might get married. You also have to quickly figure out the local dating culture. Maybe you should consider your other option.

Meeting Japanese Mail Order Brides Online

If traveling to Japan to find a mail-order bride is out of the question, consider an online dating platform. Several reputable ones offer mail-order bride services. You can use these dating websites to create a profile for yourself, receive matchmaking suggestions, browse profiles for your future Japanese wife, and talk to her online. Eventually, you can meet in person if the two of you hit it off. This is a great way to connect with several Japanese ladies with the same values and relationship goals as you. Then, you can narrow things down to the Japanese mail-order wife of your dreams. This way, you won't spend money visiting her until you are both very sure that she is truly your future wife.

How Much Does a Japanese Mail Order Bride Cost?

You want a Japanese wife, but how much will she cost? Well, to be clear you won't be paying for your Japanese bride. Instead, you will spend money on the things you do to meet her, get to know her, visit her in Japan, and eventually get married. There's nothing weird or inappropriate about this.

Men and women spend their money in the pursuit of love all of the time. You pay to take people out on dates, for your wardrobe, gifts, etc. With Japanese mail-order brides, you do similar, but the goal of achieving marriage at the very end.

So, what about the price of a Japanese mail-order bride? That can vary. To get a better idea, consider that you'll spend money on the following:

  • Credits on dating sites to use communication features

  • Real and virtual gifts for your Japanese girl friend and her family

  • Travel to visit her

  • Dining and entertainment

  • An engagement ring

  • Wedding ceremony

  • Visa and other paperwork

  • Translation assistance

Now, consider how you will approach each of these cost areas. For example, will you have a lavish ceremony with a 2-carat wedding ring or a simple band with a small ceremony? You'll also need to consider what your potential Japanese wife is going to want from you. It's difficult to come up with an exact figure, but most men spend between 7K and 45K on their Japanese wives.

Japanese Mail Order Brides And The Law

It is absolutely legal to meet someone online, court them, and get married. The only exceptions to this are when a woman is coerced or abused. Fortunately, Western guys can ensure this doesn't happen by using reputable online dating sites, conducting themselves appropriately, and following all laws and regulations. This includes taking the proper steps to obtain a K-1 visa for your Japanese bride.

When you use trustworthy dating services, you can be sure that the Japanese women who participate genuinely want to meet men online for marriage. Additionally, there are verification processes that protect both of you from potential scams.

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