Chinese Mail Order Brides: China Women Ready for Marriage

Last Updated 2024-03-15

Chinese women are famous as some of the most beautiful, intelligent, loving, and desired in the world. For many men in Western countries, finding the perfect Chinese wife feels like a seemingly unattainable dream.

Nothing can be further from the truth, however, as there are literal millions of awesome Chinese women who are actively looking for foreign husbands to marry. And the best way to find such hot Chinese brides is through a reputable and trustworthy mail order brides website.


What kind of women are Chinese mail order brides?

The Chinese women who look to become a Chinese mail order wife are very different from other Asian brides who go on such websites.

For one, with Chinese brides, the impetus very rarely is to escape poverty, as is often the case with other Asian ladies. Instead, Chinese girls on such sites are usually looking for foreign partners because they are dissatisfied with Chinese dating culture and with local men.

A Chinese mail order bride is also looking to live abroad because she likes foreign men, she wants to travel and live somewhere new and different from what she's used to, and/or because she doesn't like the sociopolitical environment in China today.

Another difference between a Chinese mail order bride and almost any other Asian bride is that Chinese wives aren't necessarily looking for countries with more career or education opportunities. That's because women in China already have ample career prospects and great education.

This is great for any Western men looking for Chinese girls to marry, as it means that your future Chinese mail order wife will choose you for you and not for any other material reason.

Lastly, we probably don't even need to go into the undeniable hotness of Chinese women. Compared to even the most gorgeous other Asian mail order brides, Chinese women are more petite (average height of 5'2" or 158 cm) and more slender (average weight of 125 lbs or 57 kg). Chinese brides are also notorious for paying a great deal of attention to their looks, skin care, and health.

Top dating sites to meet Chinese mail order brides:

Meeting a Chinese bride online can be done in many ways, but mail order bride sites offer a lot of advantages to standard dating websites or social media. For starters, a Chinese woman on such sites is usually genuinely looking for a serious relationship with a Western guy and isn't there just to waste her and your time.

So, if you're looking for something more serious than a dating site, but less restricting and impersonal than a marriage agency, check out the 5 best sites below for finding Chinese brides online.

1. SakuraDate

One of the newer and best places to meet Asian mail order brides is SakuraDate. You can find thousands of great profiles of Chinese ladies on this Asian dating site, and you can build your relationship with any of them through SakuraDate's many different online dating tools and features.


  • SakuraDate has various free features, including filters, lists, profile likes, sending winks, and more.

  • The site has a very smooth and easy-to-navigate user interface.

  • SakuraDate boasts a very responsive 24/7 customer service team.

  • This dating platform has one of the best matchmaking system, making it ideal for meeting the perfect Asian woman online.


  • Direct video chats aren't a thing here, although you can exchange video, images, and other media files with your future partner.

  • There is no mobile app as of writing this.

2. EasternHoneys

EasternHoneys has been one of the best Asian dating sites out there for years. As such, the site has a truly enormous database of Beautiful Chinese women and other Asian girls.


  • EasternHoneys is one of the best dating sites for Western guys to meet Chinese women.

  • Like other mail order bride sites, EasternHoneys uses a credit system instead of a flat monthly subscription fee. This means you can pay less depending on how you use the site.

  • EasternHoneys offers a discount for first-time users.

  • The site has a great verification system, ensuring that you're truly chatting with single Chinese ladies.


  • Credit systems such as that of EasternHoneys can end up costing quite a bit extra, compared to other online dating services if you're not mindful about how much you spend.

  • As above, EasternHoneys also doesn't have a mobile app.

3. OrchidRomance

A great place for Western men to meet hot single women from any Asian country, OrchidRomance is one of those dating platforms that have been around for years and have become synonymous with mail order brides.


  • The site has a starting package of 20 free credits for new users, making its credit system even more enticing than other online dating sites.

  • OrchidRomance has an awesome UI that's very easy to use.

  • Few sites have larger or comparable databases of Asian women to OrchidRomance.


  • Even with the starting free credits bonus, this type of payment system can still end up being relatively costly over time.

  • Mail order bride scams used to be a thing on OrchidRomance, although that seems to have been cleared up in recent years.

4. AsianMelodies

If you are truly looking for a serious relationship with an Asian bride, and you're not just joshing around, AsianMelodies is one of the best Asian dating sites to check out.


  • Few Chinese dating sites are as sleek and easy to use as AsianMelodies.

  • Even though you'll rarely need it, the customer support on this site makes sure you'll never have any significant interruptions in your quest for your perfect Chinese lady.

  • AsianMelodies verifies all profiles to avoid scams, so you can be certain you're chatting with real Chinese girls.


  • As with other online dating sites, even the best profile verification system doesn't work 100% of the time, so there are occasional reports of scams.

  • The site used to have some problems with glitches, although those seem to have been resolved.

5. LoverWhirl

LoverWhirl is trustworthy and secure online dating site where Western guys can search for Asian ladies, as it has a huge database of tens of thousands of verified Chinese women and other potential Asian brides.


  • LoverWhirl offers a lot of free features that don't require credits, which makes it much easier to find great Asian singles without overspending.

  • This site's credit based system isn't as pricey with its messaging tools compared to other mail order bride services, which makes online communication with Chinese mail order brides much more tolerable for your wallet.

  • The vast majority of mail order brides on LoverWhirl are genuinely looking for meaningful connections and serious relationships.


  • Despite its many free features and affordable messaging tools, LoverWhirl's credit system can still end up costing you three-digit sums in the long run, and many people just don't like the idea of instant messaging being a paid feature.

What are the great reasons to choose a Chinese mail order bride?

Finding the perfect Chinese wife is a phenomenal experience for countless great reasons. For one, of all the gorgeous Asian mail order brides out there, Chinese girls are arguably the most adorable.

Additionally, with about 1.4 billion people in China out there right now, finding a Chinese woman to marry is quite as difficult as finding a local girl in your small-town area - we are talking about a truly huge dating pool.

On the personality side of things - the most important factor if you want a stable and happy long-term relationship with a Chinese wife - Chinese girls offer a near-perfect combination of strong family values and a modern Western outlook on life.

Compared to other Asian mail order brides, they are not as conservative and reserved as Pakistani or Bangladeshi brides, for example, but not quite as outgoing as Thai or Filipino mail order brides either.

Add the higher education levels, the career drive, the ability and desire to manage both work and family life, as well as the strong urge to live abroad, and Chinese girls are among the very best Asian mail order brides.

Chinese mail order brides dating culture

Will finding a potential Chinese bride isn't difficult, dating her and earning her affection can be tricky for some Western guys. Even though most Chinese ladies are quite familiar with Western dating culture and know what to expect from an American or European dude, they still have their own dating culture you'd want to be familiar with.

For example, Chinese girls are used to being showered with compliments, gifts, and affection during the courting process, but also want those to feel genuine and not fake. At the same time, you future Chinese bride will likely want not to feel restricted, controlled, or manipulated during all stages of her relationship with you, as such restrictions are one of the big reasons she's decided to look beyond her local dating pool.

When it comes to interacting with the rest of her family, Chinese women are not quite as conservative as other Asian brides, but there are still things to keep in mind. For example, while you'd likely have to meet an Iranian girl's parents on your very first date with her, that's not expected with a Chinese girl. It's also not recommended that you push to meet her parents either, however, you should be ready with an enthusiastic "Yes!" whenever she suggests that it's time to meet her folks. Likewise, you should pick the moment to introduce her to your family carefully.

Once things start getting serious, you can expect a Chinese bride to be very particular about the marriage ceremony and all related traditions. It's common for international couples to hold two weddings - one "Western" and another in China so that all of their extended Chinese family can attend.

Pros and Cons of building a relationship with a Chinese mail order bride

As we've already outlined winning the heart of a great Chinese bride is a wonderful thing, but that doesn't mean there aren't potential hiccups you may encounter along the way. So, here's a quick list of Pros and Cons to keep in mind.


  • Chinese mail order brides are typically in their early-to-mid 20s, petite, and drop-dead gorgeous.

  • Most Chinese women are very intelligent and educated, hardworking, and fully intending to not only build a career, but manage it perfectly with their family life.

  • While they are becoming more and more modern every year, most Chinese brides are still very family-oriented and are fully expecting to have to do their share of family and household care.

  • Chinese culture is one of the oldest, most colorful, and unique in the world, and building an international relationship with a Chinese mail order bride is a great way to bring a slice of this awesome culture into your life.

  • While the fertility rates in China are on par with most countries in the West, Chinese brides are often actively looking for a better economic and societal environment where they can comfortably have more kids than they would have in China.


  • Even though many young people in China know English well, there is still a risk of a bit of a language barrier at first.

  • As awesome as Chinese culture is, it's only natural that there is some cultural friction in the beginning.

  • A big drawback in any international relationship, regardless of the country of origin, is the risk of loneliness and homesickness for the person living abroad. If you want your Chinese bride to be happy with you, you'd need to do your best to make her feel comfortable and at home, and you can expect relatively regular travel expenses back to China.

  • There are some Islamophobic and racist (particularly against black people) tendencies among Han Chinese folks. This doesn't mean that all Chinese mail order brides have such prejudices, but it is something to keep in mind if you are Muslim or black.

Why are Chinese mail order brides so popular?

It's no secret that many Western men have a bit of a thing for Asian women. Chinese ladies, in particular, are beloved for their petite and classy beauty, coupled with their hardworking and family-oriented culture, high education, and modern outlook on life.

Fertility rate in China

Fertility rates are one of the points where - at least on paper - Chinese brides differ from most other Asian mail order brides. According to statistics, the fertility rate in China is around 1.7 babies per woman, which is significantly lower than the average in most other East Asian countries.

However, China is infamous for trying to control women's fertility rates, and for decades, the CCP denied women the ability to choose how many babies they can have. Even though the "one-child policy" ended in 2016, allowing families to have up to two children, and five years later in 2021 - as many kids as they want - child-bearing culture in China still hasn't completely recovered, especially coupled with recent economic anxieties.

So, while 1.7 doesn't sound too high, many girls in China are eagerly looking for life in a country where women choose when and how many children they can have.

Education Level of Chinese mail order brides

China boasts some of the highest education statistics not just in Asia but in the world. This applies to both men and women, as over 80% of dating-age women in China have completed their secondary education. This is relatively comparable to the 87% of the United States and much higher than what we see in other Asian countries, such as the 62% in Pakistan, for example.

For you, this means not only that your future life partner will likely be highly educated, but also that she won't be looking to move to the West merely for better education and career opportunities, as she already has those in China anyway.

Divorce statistics of Chinese mail order brides

Divorce rates in China happen at a rate of about 2.2 per 1,000 people, which is also comparable to 2.4/1,000 of the US and to the rates in other Western countries. This is yet another example of how similar Chinese women and culture are to Western and American women and culture, especially relative to other Asian countries.

Chinese brides vs Western brides

Dating a Chinese girl can be a very refreshing experience for guys used to dating Western girls. Chinese ladies are normally very enthusiastic about receiving attention and compliments at first, as well as getting to know you and your own culture. They also tend to enjoy the thrill of dating and traveling in particular.

At the same time, however, Chinese girls take dating very seriously and are typically quite goal-oriented. In other words, you can expect your Chinese girlfriend to be quite serious about the "expected trajectory" of your relationship. This can often contrast the "lets go slow and see what happens" attitude that's common in a lot of Western relationships.

Where and how can you meet single Chinese women for marriage?

China isn't just home to close to 1.4 billion people, it's also a country of 56 different ethnic groups spread over a territory of about 3.7 million square miles or 9.6 million square kilometers. So, where you're looking for your future Chinese bride really makes a difference. Here are our recommendations:


With a population of over 25 million people, Shanghai is the third-largest metropolis in the world. Despite this astronomical size, its population is incredibly homogeneous as over 98% of these 25+ million are Han Chinese - the predominant ethnicity in China.

Finding local women from Shanghai online is far from difficult given the sheer size of the city and how many ladies from Shanghai are open-minded and interested in the Western world.


China's capital Beijing boasts a population of over 22 million people. Like other huge metropolises, Beijing is a modern world type of city. The millions of Chinese women living here are highly educated and have lofty career aspirations, as well as a modern outlook on life. As with Shanghai, the majority of the Chinese people here are of the Han ethnicity.


The major part of Guangzhou's population of 19 million people is Cantonese instead of Han Chinese. Cantonese people speak Yueyu instead of Mandarin, although the latter is also spoken quite commonly throughout the large city.

With a good number of Hui and Manchu Chinese living here too, as well as a growing number of "overseas Chinese" migrants, Guangzhou is a much more ethnically diverse city than the previous two. This can be a great thing if you want your future wife to be from here, as Guangzhou people tend to be less predisposed toward racism and Islamophobia than other Chinese people.


Over 99% of Chengdu's population of around 17 million people are Han Chinese. An Asian wife from Chengdu is as likely to be highly educated and modern-thinking as ladies from Beijing, Guangzhou, or Shanghai.

The city is the capital of China's southwestern Sichuan province, making it one of the few large cities in China that aren't near the country's eastern coast. Instead, the city is close to the gorgeous mountainous region of the country and is famous as the hometown of the giant panda.


Located within central China, Chongqing also has a population of about 17 million people. Depending on how you define a "city," however, Chongqing can claim to be the largest city in the world with a population of over 30 million people, thanks to a huge rural area that can technically be counted as a part of the city. In terms of its urban area, however, Chongqing isn't quite as large as some of the other cities in China and the world broadly.

What this means for you is that there are more Chinese women here looking to move abroad than anywhere else in China. The majority of them are Han Chinese.

How much does a Chinese mail order bride cost?

Building a long-term relationship with a Chinese mail order bride can be a costly endeavor, as is the case with an international marriage. It's easy to get focused on or frustrated with the initial dating site fees or gift expenses during the early stages of the relationship, but those are mere drops in the bucket of the long-term expenses.

Traveling to China alone is a huge expense that can cost thousands when you factor in not just the plane ticket but also the hotel stay, food, gift, dating expenses, and so on. It's not uncommon that you'd have to repeat such trips more than once during the dating process either, as Chinese brides aren't typically likely to just hop into marriage after one in-person meeting.

The marriage expenses can also be significant, although her Chinese family will likely take care of the second marriage ceremony in China. Add the subsequent travel expenses after you've moved in together, and we're looking at a five-digit sum that you likely wouldn't have had to deal with had you gone for a local girl instead.

Are Chinese and other Asian brides really legal?

Very much so, yes. When we're talking about "mail order brides," we're not talking about actually "purchasing" a human being to be delivered to your mailbox. Instead, that's just a form of international dating.

That's no more different or illegal than other types of online dating, even if the term is a bit outdated and weird-sounding. All that's "special" about mail order bride websites is that the women there are upfront about their desire to date and marry a foreigner and live abroad.

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