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Last Updated 2024-03-27

Cambodian mail-order brides are some of the more exotic brides from Asian countries. Cambodian singles are often pretty progressive, very attractive and much more patient than Western women. So, let's dive in and find your future Cambodian wife today.

What Kind of Women are Cambodian Ladies?

Cambodian mail order brides are often a little shy, exceptionally patient and stunningly beautiful. Cambodian girls take pride in their appearance and work hard to maintain their womanly physique. You might find your Cambodian mail order bride to be surprised with common treatments like holding a door open for her or pulling out a chair. Unfortunately, many Cambodian women experience extreme violence at the hands of men, making them very obedient and often quiet until they know they are safe.

Top Sites to Meet a Cambodian Mail Order Bride

Cambodian women are turning to international dating websites more and more frequently to try and meet foreign men in an attempt to escape extreme poverty and violence. Local ladies will flock to online dating sites in the hopes of serious relationships that will lead them to marry foreigners. Let's check out some dating services which help Western men meet Cambodian women online!

1. SakuraDate

A newer concept as far as dating sites go, SakuraDate is the place to find beautiful Cambodian women for marriage. You can also find Asian women from other Asian countries on SakuraDate but we love that you can easily filter out local brides seeking a foreign man! SakuraDate is definitely one of the best Cambodian dating sites!

The live chat feature is also perfect if you enjoy messaging in real-time. It definitely makes your potential partner feel a little less far away and can be great for the awkward getting-to-know-each-other stage! Even with the different time zones, it is always possible to find a time of day where you can both be online to connect with each other, making the process feel a whole lot more romantic!

SakuraDate has a pretty strict vetting policy for a potential foreign husband but less so for foreign women. This does keep the single women safe but also allows the men to potentially get scammed or end up using dating sites to speak to fake accounts.


  • Many search filters

  • Lots of information on Cambodian brides profiles

  • Live chat available

  • Fantastic user interface

  • Good moderation

  • Awesome customer service


  • No mobile app

  • Some fake profiles imitating Cambodian women

  • You can't message girls for free

2. EasternHoneys

Connect with single Cambodian women easily with EasternHoneys. We love this site because it's busy with Cambodian mail order wives looking for their perfect match. You can message Cambodian women freely but you will need to invest a little money into EasternHoneys if you really want to connect with a Cambodian lady!

When you initially join EasternHoneys you do get a small credit bonus which can certainly help push you in the right direction. If nothing else, the small boost of credits can be enough for you to get your bearings on a new site and settle into the dating process. Who knows, you may even find the one with only these credits!

Meet Cambodian brides on the site and send them fun interactions like gifts or winks and smiles! These fun alternatives to a boring message are a great way to catch the attention of all the gorgeous Cambodian females! A lot of Cambodian single woman will get a kick out of receiving a cute gift from Western guys on one of the brides sites!


  • When you join you'll get a small credit bonus

  • Helpful insights into a lot of mail order brides from all over Cambodia

  • A lot of cool alternative interactions

  • Checkmarks verified profiles of every Cambodian bride


  • Every message costs credits

  • No regular subscription plan

  • No mobile app

3. Orchidromance

Meet Cambodian brides through a sleek and simple website with a super easy-to-grasp user interface. If you're serious about meeting Cambodian girls then you'll be pleased to hear OrchidRomance has a feature where you can filter girls based on their location. In this case, you would filter girls to appear from Cambodia and you'd be faced with a selection of gorgeous Cambodian women for marriage.

You will find the profiles on OrchidRomance to usually have multiple pictures and be filled out very thoroughly. With the quick sign up process and awesome profiles, you can get a feel for the site very quickly.

Most women from Cambodia on OrchidRomance have filled out their profiles completely making it easier to find women looking for serious relationships who have similar life and love goals to you. The thorough filtering options available on OrchidRomance are definitely what makes it stand out when seeking Cambodian mail order brides.


  • It is incredibly quick to sign up and meet local girls

  • You can choose between chat, live chat, and mail for contacting Cambodian brides

  • Great interface that is easy to pick up

  • Pretty affordable

  • Very good safety policies for men from Western countries


  • Some bots imitating a Cambodia girl

  • No mobile app

  • Some tools are paid for separately

4. AsianMelodies

AsianMelodies is another one of the great dating sites designed specifically to meet girls from Southeast Asia. If you are a romantic person then you will enjoy being able to send alternative forms of communication like smiles and winks to Cambodian brides looking for a serious relationship.

Only the first message you send is free and the messages you send afterwards need to be paid for. That is why it is vital to make the first message count when speaking to your potential Cambodian mail order brides!

Despite the impressive modern interface, AsianMelodies relies heavily on a credit system that just feels a little clunky to use. Still, you might find your ideal Cambodian wife here so it is definitely worth tolerating!


  • Test many features for free

  • Some cool alternative ways of communication

  • Simple and sleek website to meet a Cambodian mail order bride

  • Profiles of Cambodian women are very detailed


  • The credit system is pretty complicated

  • Some users report a high concentration of bots mimicking Cambodian brides

  • Occasional bugs have been reported

  • Personal information shared via chat is instantly flagged and blocked

5. LoverWhirl

Find a fun-loving Cambodian woman on LoverWhirl! With LoverWhirl you can explore a vast amount of filters to select Cambodian wives you already have things in common with. Choose between smokers and non-smokers, Cambodian wives who want kids and so much more! As far as dating sites go, LoverWhirl is ideal if you really know what you're after!

The intuitive website makes online dating a breeze and meeting local women easier than ever. However, a lot of the features that will really help you to secure a Cambodian wife are things which need to be paid for. You can do chats, mail and even private videos with Cambodian brides all for an extra cost.


  • Impressive anti-scam and vetting policies

  • You get notified when Cambodian girls check your profile

  • Great interface

  • Huge selection of filtering options

  • A few free communication options


  • Hidden costs

  • No mobile app

  • A smaller selection of Cambodian brides

  • Relatively expensive

Why Choose Cambodian Brides?

Cambodian women are smart, confident and intelligent. Cambodia has a high rate of education women making Cambodian girls cute and clever! A Cambodian woman has gorgeous Asian features including their dark hair and dark eyes! A Cambodian girl's eyes are truly unforgettable and you will find yourself getting lost in them when you meet your mail order bride. Many Cambodian women for marriage have petite bodies and take excellent care of their physical shape too!

Western culture is slowly seeing less and less women choosing to have children. Most girls from Cambodia are family centred and many girls dream of starting their own families from a very young age.

Cambodian singles are the perfect balance of shy and outgoing with strong moral values due to a high number of people from Cambodia practising Buddhism. Cambodian girls have sometimes faced harsh conditions at the hands of Cambodian men and even human trafficking in some cases. Many ladies seek an online relationship with a man from overseas for the dream of a better life in safety.

Cambodian Dating Culture

In Cambodian culture it is very common for the local girls to effectively bow down to the men in their lives. Cambodian ladies are usually treated poorly by Cambodian men which is why so many are becoming Cambodian mail order wives. Several girls are pursuing online dating or going the mail order route simply to have a more realistic family budget and a better life outside of Cambodia.

Pros and Cons of Building a Relationship with Cambodian Girls

There are so many reasons why a Cambodian wife is an excellent choice for a truly happy relationship! Cambodian women are truly delightful yet some local brides can become a little clingy or jealous, especially if they are not well-versed with online dating. Let's look at the pros and cons of dating a Cambodian lady!


  • Single Cambodian women take excellent care of their physical appearance

  • A Cambodian woman is often an excellent cook and will create delicious meals regularly for you

  • A Cambodian mail-order partner will be extremely loyal to you

  • A Cambodian girl is often very patient and even shy

  • Often, a Cambodian girl has never been with another partner before


  • When you meet Cambodian women there can be a few cultural differences

  • Sometimes your Cambodian bride will be very jealous

  • Online dating is often new to a Cambodian bride which can cause difficulties

  • Not all mail order brides speak fluent English but most do

  • There are not many mail order brides using online dating or apps yet

Why Are Cambodian Women So Popular?

A Cambodian woman can offer you a traditional, secure and loving relationship that can be hard to come by in Western society. A Cambodian wife will look after you in a much more loving way and many mail order brides are very grateful for the new life they have been given. Cambodia is an exceptionally poor country for a few mail order brides to live in so brides will often shower their new husbands with endless love and affection.

In Cambodia, it is fairly common for men to use violence or cruelty towards women meaning a Cambodian bride will open up and become her true, fun-loving self around you. You might find your Cambodian wife to become a whole new person reserved just for you once you take her out of Cambodia!

Most women are absolute pros at multitasking! It is not uncommon for these girls to juggle school, jobs, looking after the home, siblings or even elderly relatives. They can handle pretty much anything life throws at them which is awesome if you plan to start a family.

Moreover, many ladies are exceptionally flexible. It doesn't matter how many extra guests are at dinner or how bad the traffic is, they will find a solution and deal with it calmly. If you're looking for a woman that always knows how to keep her cool then look no further.

If you are looking for a supportive woman who always has your back, go to Cambodia! These girls will 100% support you and see your family as their team. They won't start picking fights on ridiculous texts and will back you up whenever you need it!

A Cambodian Bride vs A Western Bride

Your Cambodian bride will probably be open to marrying and having children much, much younger than a Western woman would be. It is not uncommon for a Cambodian wife to marry at around 17 in Cambodia so don't be surprised if your dating options seem a little more youthful! Many women also go on to marry men twelve years older than themselves, a practice most Western women would not accept.

The Eastern ladies are also a lot less likely to divorce their partners. Many women from these countries uphold very strong moral and religious values, some of which even forbid divorce.

Girls from Cambodia are usually a lot more open and honest than Western girls. They are not afraid of being their true self and rarely try to cover up their mistakes.

A girl from Cambodia will potentially be a talented chef and glorious homemaker which are both skills many women from the West are losing interest in. Furthermore, girls from Cambodia tend to value their physical appearance in a more natural and authentic way.

Where and How Can You Meet Single Cambodians for Marriage?

You might find a Cambodian woman on an app or website but one of the easiest ways to meet your dream match is actually by travelling to Cambodia! Let's check out some potential destinations to meet your dream spouse!

Phnom Penh

The capital city of Cambodia is a great place to start! Possibly the easiest major city for you to get to, Phnom Penh is going to be bustling with English-speaking Cambodian singles just waiting to settle down with you.

Siem Reap

Situated in the North West of Cambodia, this city is another awesome option for meeting your Cambodian wife. In this city, there is a whole host of luxurious hotels, spas and restaurants perfect for pursuing a potential partner in. The city is actually made up of tiny villages floating elegantly down the river making this choice the perfect romantic retreat!


Staying in the North Western region of Cambodia, Battambang is another awesome place to stay and search for love. The industrial aspects of this location mean ladies here are more likely to speak a decent level of English and potentially be looking for love from abroad!

Kâmpóng Cham

Relaxing on the banks of the Mekong river, this city is bustling with economic prospects! With a slightly touristy element to it, hopes of finding a lover with hopes of a life abroad are pretty high!

How Much Does a Cambodian Mail Order Bride Cost?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 for your bride however, you should also factor in the cost of the K-1 visa when calculating your budget. Dating sites are definitely the easiest route to go here but you may end up spending less if you do choose to travel to Cambodia. The cost of the wedding ceremony is highly variable but a Cambodian wedding ceremony is often quite simple with the main focus being on family attendance.

The price of the K-1 visa is $2050 and should be paid by you since you will technically be your bride's sponsor in the application. Aside from this cost, there is also the cost of moving your bride from Cambodia to the United States along with her belongings. It is highly likely you will need to make one or two trips to Cambodia too for paperwork, meeting her family and the wedding ceremony itself. Consider extra costs like transporting any friends and family members of your own you might want at the wedding and other expected costs such as rings, food and attire.

The Legal Aspects of Cambodian Mail Order Brides

The whole title of "mail order" brides is actually a classic case of false advertising! All this means is that you have met, dated and eventually married a woman you have met online or in a foreign country and eventually brought her back to your home country to start a life together.

As far as the legal aspects are concerned, all you should worry about is the K-1 visa. It is also wise to consider how the sponsoring of your partner might affect your own life should things turn sour. Luckily, Cambodian girls very rarely divorce due to their religious beliefs.

The women involved in these relationships are never being sold, coerced or forced into any of the relationships or behaviours they take part in. It is important for everyone involved to understand the women are acting upon their own free will and always will be.

The United States also puts very strong legislation in place to protect foreign people who have married Americans. In any case of violence or the foreign person being in any kind of danger, the police department and the American justice system are very quick to step in.

It is completely legal to marry a girl from Cambodia and bring her back to America though! It is definitely one of the less common marriages seen from mail order brides but a happy one none the less!

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