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Bojana Kovač

From Kranj, Slovenian
Age: 22 y.o.
Height: 5'96" / 152.4 cm
Weight: 114 lbs / 51 kg
Marital status: Never been married
Ethnicity: Slavic
Zodiac sign:
Member ID: 794761
About Me

I am a woman who goes by the name Bojana Kovač, standing at 5'6" tall. As an Aries born in Kranj, I bring a mix of fiery passion, determination, and independence to the table. Growing up in a traditional Slovenian household has taught me the value of family, hard work, and respect for others. My Christian faith plays a central role in my life, guiding me through both challenges and victories. Physically, I have striking features like captivating hazel eyes and long flowing brunette hair. I prioritize a healthy lifestyle by staying active with regular workouts and enjoying nutritious meals. Professionally, I excel as a marketing strategist, where I combine creativity and analytical skills to drive business growth. In my free time, you can find me painting, hiking in the mountains, or relaxing with a good book. With a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, I currently reside in Ljubljana, immersing myself in its vibrant arts and culture scene. When it comes to my personality, I am known for being a caring and compassionate soul with a touch of spontaneity and an adventurous streak. I appreciate a partner who is a cuddler, caring, spontaneous, and just a tad bit freaky – someone who values open communication, trust, and laughter. So if you are ready for deep conversations over a cup of coffee, spontaneous road trips, and quiet moments cuddled up on the couch watching movies, then I might just be the partner you've been looking for. Let's explore life's adventures together and create unforgettable memories along the way!

About Myself
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Cuddler, Spontaneous, Caring, Freaky
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