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Irina Kravchenko

From Mogilev, Belarusian
Age: 22 y.o.
Height: 6'49" / 182.88 cm
Weight: 124 lbs / 56 kg
Marital status: Divorced
Ethnicity: Slavic
Zodiac sign:
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About Me

I am a woman who goes by the name Irina Kravchenko, standing tall at 6'49", a proud Virgo from Mogilev. My cultural background is rich and diverse, shaped by my upbringing in a close-knit community that values tradition and family above all else. I hold dear to my heart strong religious beliefs that provide me with guidance and strength in times of uncertainty. Life has taught me invaluable lessons about resilience, compassion, and the importance of embracing change with an open mind. My journey has molded me into a confident and independent woman who knows what she wants out of life. Physically, my features are a blend of striking beauty and grace, accentuated by my long flowing hair and piercing gaze. I maintain a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and mindful eating habits. Professionally, I excel in my career as a successful businesswoman, balancing work with my passion for adventure and exploration. In my free time, I indulge in hobbies such as painting, reading, and volunteering in my community. Currently residing in a bustling city, I strive to surround myself with creativity and inspiration that fuels my ambition and drive. As a well-educated individual, I constantly seek knowledge and growth in both my personal and professional life. When it comes to personality traits, I am known for being outgoing, nerdy, and a binge-watcher of all things captivating. I am drawn to individuals who share similar interests while also possessing qualities such as intelligence, humor, and kindness. My ideal partner is someone who complements my strengths and weaknesses, creating a harmonious balance in our relationship. If you are someone who appreciates deep conversations, spontaneous adventures, and embraces life with passion and purpose, then I invite you to join me in this journey of love and companionship. Let's create unforgettable memories together and build a future filled with laughter, joy, and endless possibilities.

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Trans male
Binge-watcher, Nerdy, Outgoing
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