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Julia Petrovich

From Minsk, Belarusian
Age: 22 y.o.
Height: 6'41" / 182.88 cm
Weight: 137 lbs / 62 kg
Marital status: Single
Ethnicity: Slavic
Zodiac sign:
Member ID: 794665
About Me

I am a woman who goes by the name Julia Petrovich, standing tall at 6'4" with roots stemming from the beautiful city of Minsk. As a proud Scorpio, I embrace my passionate and determined nature, always striving to achieve my goals and dreams. Coming from a rich cultural background, I hold strong to my Belarusian heritage while embracing diverse perspectives and experiences. My spiritual beliefs guide me in finding balance and peace in life, reminding me of the importance of gratitude, kindness, and authenticity. With striking features and a confident presence, I lead a balanced lifestyle that includes regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and time spent outdoors exploring nature. Professionally, I excel in my career as a successful entrepreneur, constantly challenging myself to grow both personally and professionally. In my free time, you can find me indulging in my love for cooking, practicing yoga, or delving into a good book. With a Master's degree in Business Administration under my belt, I continue to expand my knowledge and skills on a daily basis. Currently residing in bustling New York City, I thrive in its fast-paced energy and vibrant culture. My personality shines through as a workaholic with a spiritual side, outgoing yet humble, chill and caring towards those around me. In a partner, I value someone who shares similar values and interests, showing dedication to their own pursuits while appreciating quality time spent together. Someone who is driven, compassionate, and understanding would complement my dynamic energy and zest for life perfectly.

About Myself
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Workaholic, Spiritual, Outgoing, Humble, Chill, Caring
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