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Marina Pavlova

From Minsk, Belarusian
Age: 25 y.o.
Height: 5'93" / 152.4 cm
Weight: 122 lbs / 55 kg
Marital status: Single
Ethnicity: Slavic
Zodiac sign:
Member ID: 794668
About Me

I am a woman who goes by the name Marina Pavlova, hailing from the beautiful city of Minsk. Standing tall at 5'9", I am a Scorpio, known for my intense and passionate nature. Coming from a rich cultural background, I have strong religious beliefs that shape my values and guide me through life's ups and downs. I've learned important life lessons along the way, teaching me resilience, empathy, and the importance of kindness. Physically, I possess striking features with long, flowing brunette hair and piercing blue eyes. My lifestyle revolves around healthy habits, from early morning yoga sessions to adventurous hiking trips on weekends. Professionally, I excel as a software engineer, utilizing my analytical mind to solve complex problems. In my free time, you can find me lost in the pages of a gripping novel or exploring new culinary delights as a self-proclaimed foodie. With a master's degree in computer science under my belt, I currently reside in bustling San Francisco, pursuing exciting career opportunities in the tech industry. When it comes to personality traits, I am known for being caring, nurturing, and a total geek at heart. In a partner, I value intelligence, humor, and a deep sense of compassion. Someone who shares my interests in literature, gourmet cuisine, and all things nerdy would surely capture my heart. If you're up for stimulating conversations over a cup of coffee or embarking on spontaneous adventures, then I just might be the perfect match for you.

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Trans female
Book worm, Foodie, Caring, Geek
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