iflirts Review 2024 – Meeting People in a Whole New Way

Last Updated 2023-07-18

Pros & Cons

  • - iFlirts received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users, praising its easy-to-use interface and effective matching algorithm.
  • - Unlike other online dating platforms that have been labeled as complete scams or rip-offs, iflirts has gained a reputation for being a legitimate platform where users can meet potential matches.
  • - Don't believe the negative reviews labeling it as bull crap or a total waste; iFlirts is far from being a complete fraud with many success stories to prove it.
  • - iflirts often receives many negative reviews from users who have had unpleasant experiences with fake profiles and scammers.
  • - The app is considered by some as a total scam, complete fraud, and a rip off due to its questionable practices in deceiving users for financial gain.
  • - Many people feel that using iflirts is simply a total waste of time because the promising positive reviews floating around turn out to be nothing but bull crap.

How Does iflirts Work?

iFlirts is a popular online dating platform that was created to help people connect with others in a fun and engaging way. With a history spanning several years, iFlirts has become a trusted name in the industry, providing users with a safe and secure environment to meet new people. On iFlirts, you can find an extensive range of profiles from individuals looking for various types of relationships.

One key feature of iFlirts is its vigilant approach towards detecting and eliminating fake profiles.

The platform utilizes advanced technology to identify any suspicious activity and ensure that only genuine users remain on the site. This helps to establish trust among users and provides them with an authentic experience while browsing through profiles and sending messages.

Another unique aspect of iFlirts is its use of computer-generated messages, chat bots, and professional animators who create virtual profiles to enhance interactions between users. While these features may seem unconventional at first, they are carefully designed to improve user engagement by sparking interesting conversations.

Additionally, paid operators are employed to maintain quality standards by monitoring and ensuring the authenticity of each message sent on the platform.

In summary, iFlirts offers an innovative approach to online dating by prioritizing user safety and engagement. It boasts a wide range of profiles from individuals seeking different types of connections, while actively weeding out fake accounts through advanced detection methods. With features like computer-generated messages and professional animators creating virtual profiles, iFlirts presents users with exciting opportunities for meaningful conversations and potential matches within a secure digital environment

How to Make Contact on iflirts

Are you wondering how to get in touch with other users on iflirts? The platform offers a variety of contact options, including sending messages, but it's important to be aware of certain aspects. While iflirts aims to create a safe and enjoyable experience for its members, it is well-known that there are instances of fake profiles, fake chat, and fake accounts circulating the site. These often employ computer-generated messages, professional animators, virtual profiles or chat bots operated by paid operators.

  • Users have the option to send messages to other users on iFlirts, allowing for direct communication.
  • There is a possibility of encountering fake profiles, chat bots, or computer-generated messages on the platform.
  • Certain interactions on iFlirts may involve paid operators or professional animators who manage virtual profiles.

On iflirts, users have several options to make contact with others. The platform provides a search function where individuals can find people based on specific criteria such as age, location, and interests. Once potential matches are found, users can send messages to initiate conversations and get to know each other better.

It is important to note that while there may be a variety of profiles available, some could be fake accounts or virtual profiles created by the site administrators. These might include computer-generated messages or chat bots designed to engage with users. Therefore, it is advisable for users to exercise caution when interacting with others on iflirts.

To enhance user experience and engagement, iflirts uses professional animators and paid operators who create realistic dialogues through its messaging system. This ensures that interactions appear genuine but it should be understood these actors are not actual members seeking relationships in the traditional sense. Moreover, some interactions on iflirts may involve paid operators who respond to queries raised by users within the platform's chat feature; this allows for continuous conversation without breaks even though authentic connections might not necessarily develop between individuals involved in such exchanges.

Registration Process

Curious about how to get started on iflirts? Explore the world of online dating by completing a quick and hassle-free registration process, available at no cost. Wondering what comes next? On iflirts, you can enhance your experience by purchasing coins that allow you to access premium features or spend them on virtual gifts for other users. Keep reading to learn more about the different options available when it comes to buying and using coins on iflirts.

  • Go to the iflirts website and click on the "Register" button.
  • Fill in the required information, such as your email address, username, password, and any other necessary details.
  • After completing the free registration process, you can choose to either spend coins earned through various activities or buy coins by purchasing them from the platform.

To create a profile on iFlirts, the first step is to complete the free registration process. Once registered, users have the option to spend coins within the platform for various features and benefits. These coins can be obtained by purchasing them through in-app options provided by iFlirts.

  • To create a profile on iflirts, begin by visiting the website and completing the free registration process.
  • Once registered, log in to your account using your chosen username and password.
  • After logging in, click on the "Profile" or "My Account" section of the website.
  • In your profile, you will be provided with options to personalize it. This may include adding a profile picture, writing an introduction, mentioning your interests, etc.
  • Take some time to fill out these sections according to your preferences but within the guidelines set by iflirts.
  • As you explore the features of the website, you may notice that some advanced functionalities require coins to access or use.
  • Coins can be earned through various activities on the site, or they can be purchased.
  • If you choose to spend coins, you can browse through different options available such as sending virtual gifts, unlocking premium content, or accessing exclusive features.
  • If you need additional coins beyond what you have earned, you can buy them by selecting the appropriate option in your account settings.
  • Purchasing coins typically involves selecting a package that suits your requirements and making a secure payment transaction.
  • After successful coin purchase, your account will be updated with the specified amount, allowing you to utilize them for enhanced interactions and experiences on iflirts.

Interface & Design

The interface of iflirts is designed with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind. The overall layout is clean and intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate through the various features without any confusion. The color scheme chosen for the interface is visually appealing, creating a pleasant experience for users as they explore different sections of the platform.

In terms of design, iflirts balances modern aesthetics with functional elements seamlessly. The combination of striking visuals and concise text allows users to quickly understand and interact with different options available to them. Whether accessing iflirts through a desktop or mobile device, the design remains consistent across platforms, ensuring a seamless experience regardless of how users choose to engage with the app.

What I Liked as a User

During my three-month stint using iFlirts, I had the opportunity to connect with real women who were genuine users of the platform. It was refreshing to engage in conversations and go on real dates with individuals who were looking for a real person as their potential partner.

  • Real women: I have found that iflirts has a diverse user base of real women. This means I can connect with genuine individuals who are looking for meaningful relationships, rather than interacting with bots or fake profiles. The presence of real women on the platform gives me confidence in engaging in conversations and potential meetings.
  • Genuine women: Through my experience with iflirts, I have met many genuine women who are seeking authentic connections. These women have shown their sincerity by sharing their interests, life experiences, and aspirations. Interacting with genuine women allows for more honest and fulfilling conversations, creating the possibility for deeper connections.
  • Real users: Unlike other dating platforms, iflirts boasts a large number of real users actively using the platform. This makes it easier to find potential matches and engage in conversations. The fact that there are many active users increases the chances of finding someone compatible and interested in meeting offline.
  • Real dates, real partner: One of the strongest aspects of iflirts is the opportunity to have real dates and potentially find a real partner. Through the platform, I have had the chance to go on meaningful dates with individuals who share common interests and values. This not only allows for enjoyable experiences but also increases the potential of finding a long-term partner. Overall, iflirts has provided me with the opportunity to forge genuine connections leading to real-life dating experiences.


The free version of iflirts offers limited features compared to the paid membership. With a free account, users can create their profiles and browse through other members' profiles. However, to fully utilize the platform's functionalities, such as sending messages and engaging with other users, upgrading to a paid subscription is necessary. One unique feature on iflirts is the use of virtual profiles and chat bots to facilitate interactions between members.

This allows users to send messages within the portal and have conversations with virtual profiles or chat bots.

The paid subscription on iflirts unlocks more communication options for users. Members can send unlimited messages and engage in real-time chats with other users. The platform also provides an additional feature that allows them to send voice notes as well.

It is important to note that while these interactions occur within the portal, some of them might be automated through the use of chatbots. As such, it is advisable for users to exercise caution when interacting with others on iflirts and ensure they are communicating with genuine individuals rather than virtual profiles or chat bots

  • Virtual Profiles: iflirts allows users to create virtual profiles to showcase their personality and interests.
  • Sending Messages: Users have the capability to send messages to other members on the platform.
  • Send Messages within the Portal: The messaging feature of iflirts allows users to communicate exclusively within the online portal.
  • Chat Bots: iflirts incorporates chat bots that provide automated responses and engage in conversations with users.
  • Advanced Messaging Options: Along with basic messaging, iflirts may offer additional features like video calls or voice messages for enhanced communication.


Getting a paid subscription for iflirts comes with several benefits. It allows users to access exclusive features, connect with more potential matches, and enhance their overall experience. When it comes to pricing, iflirts offers competitive rates compared to other similar services in the market. While it is possible to use iflirts without spending money by utilizing the free version, the limitations can be quite restrictive when compared to the full paid subscription.

To subscribe to iflirts' premium services, users have various payment methods available. They can choose from options such as credit cards or PayPal, providing convenience and flexibility during checkout. The prices of iflirts' subscriptions are listed in British pounds (£), making it easy for users based in the UK or using GBP as their preferred currency to know exactly how much they will be spending on their membership.

Subscription Tier Price (USD) Features
Basic $9.99/month Unlimited profile browsing
Messaging other users
Access to chat rooms and forums
Sending flirts to show interest in other users
Premium $19.99/month All Basic features
Advanced profile filtering and matching options
Priority customer support
Ability to see who viewed your profile
Option to hide online status
Ultimate $29.99/month All Premium features
Enhanced privacy options
Highlighted visibility in search results
Exclusive access to premium members-only events and activities
Personalized dating advice from professional dating experts

Free Services

  • iFlirts offers a range of free services that allow users to explore the platform without spending any money.
  • Unlike other platforms, iFlirts understands that dating can be very expensive and aims to provide various features at no cost.
  • Users can enjoy chatting with potential matches, browsing profiles, and sending likes without having to invest more money.
  • iFlirts offers a secure payment method for those who want to access premium features or make purchases on the platform.
  • Payment transactions on iFlirts are conducted in British pounds (GBP), ensuring transparency and ease of use.

Paid Services

  • Paid services of iFlirts include premium membership packages.
  • These premium memberships require spending money to gain access to exclusive features and benefits.
  • The prices for these memberships can be considered very expensive, but they offer enhanced opportunities for finding matches and interacting with other users.
  • To subscribe to a premium membership, users need to make payments through various accepted payment methods.
  • The pricing for the premium memberships is displayed in British pounds (£), making it the official currency for transactions.

The premium membership on iflirts offers significant advantages over its free counterpart. With a premium membership, users can enjoy a much easier and streamlined experience without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money. Additionally, the payment method for the premium membership is hassle-free and allows users to pay in British pounds, making it convenient for them.

Profile Quality and User Base

  • iflirts stands out from other dating websites by offering a unique platform for users to connect and meet real partners, not virtual profiles.
  • The website ensures that all profiles are verified as real women, guaranteeing a safe and credible environment for users to find genuine connections.
  • Unlike many dating apps, iflirts prioritizes providing users with opportunities for real dates and meaningful relationships, rather than enduring an insufficient dating experience.
  • Users can trust that when they interact with someone on iflirts, they are engaging with a genuine person looking for authentic connections, making it an exceptional platform among the competition.

During my time on iflirts, I have come across a variety of user profiles belonging to other members. The range of profiles was quite diverse, with some providing extensive information about themselves and their interests while others were relatively brief. It's worth mentioning that although there are real women on the site, there seemed to be an insufficient number of dating profiles overall.

Nonetheless, it was interesting to see glimpses into different users' lives through their profile pictures and bio sections.

Having explored various user profiles, I realized that standing out on iflirts requires more than just basic information and generic selfies. To catch the attention of potential matches and increase the chances of finding a real partner for real dates, it is important to create a detailed profile that showcases one's unique personality and passions whilst adhering to the guidelines set by the platform.

  • Use high-quality, eye-catching profile pictures: Great photos create a strong first impression and attract real users to your profile.
  • Craft a unique and intriguing headline: A catchy headline grabs attention and makes your profile stand out among others on the insufficient dating website.
  • Be authentic and genuine in your bio: Real women appreciate honesty, so make sure your bio truly reflects who you are as a person.
  • Show off your interests and hobbies: Sharing your genuine passions helps you connect with potential partners who share similar interests.
  • Be specific about what you're looking for: Clearly articulating your desires allows real women to see if they align with your expectations and intentions.
  • Use humor or wit to add personality: A clever sense of humor can leave a lasting impression and set you apart from other profiles on the site.
  • Keep the tone positive and upbeat: Positivity attracts real users who are seeking real dates and don't want to be bogged down by negativity.
  • Update your profile regularly: Regular updates show that you are an active user and increases the chances of being noticed by real women actively seeking a partner.

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are paramount when it comes to online dating platforms such as iFlirts. iFlirts understands this concern, which is why they have implemented various measures to ensure user verification. In addition to combating bots and fake accounts, iFlirts provides a two-step verification option for added account security. Furthermore, all uploaded photos undergo manual review, ensuring the authenticity of profiles on the platform. iFlirts also places great importance on privacy, evident through their transparent privacy policy.

While iFlirts puts forth efforts in maintaining safety and security standards, there is always room for improvement in this aspect. Measures could be taken to further enhance the identification and removal of fake profiles or chat with insufficient information. Additionally, providing language filters to flag poor English or virtual profiles could help users identify potential fake accounts more easily. By continuously refining these elements, iFlirts can strengthen its commitment towards user safety and enhance the overall experience on their platform.

Fake Profiles

IFlirts is unfortunately plagued by fake profiles and bots. These counterfeit accounts often engage in fake chats with unsuspecting users, giving the false impression of genuine interaction. The website itself fails to uphold safety and privacy measures, allowing for the proliferation of these virtual profiles. Users may encounter numerous fake profiles with poor English skills, further highlighting their dubious nature. It's crucial for users to exercise caution and be wary of interacting with suspicious accounts on this insufficient dating platform.

  • Be cautious of profiles with suspicious or inconsistent information, such as poor English grammar or unrealistic photos – these could indicate fake profiles.
  • Look out for automated or generic responses in chat conversations, as these could indicate the presence of bots or virtual profiles.
  • Before engaging with someone on iFlirts, take some time to research and read reviews about the website to ensure it has a good reputation and prioritizes user safety and privacy.


Users can access the support of iflirts through various channels. There is a dedicated support page where users can find information and resources on common issues and troubleshooting tips. In addition, users can contact support via email for more specific inquiries or concerns. The response time for email support is typically within 24 to 48 hours. Furthermore, iflirts offers a comprehensive FAQ page that covers a wide range of frequently asked questions.

Overall, iflirts provides reliable and accessible customer support options compared to other alternatives.

In terms of assistance, iflirts goes above and beyond by providing multiple avenues for users to seek help. With its support page, users have access to self-help resources, while being able to reach out directly through email ensures personalized attention when needed. This level of flexibility sets iflirts apart from its competitors who may only offer limited means of assistance or lack comprehensive FAQs for quick problem-solving.


So you're in the market for a dating app, huh? Well, let me save you some time and money by giving you my two cents on this little gem called iflirts. Brace yourself, folks, because I'm about to tell it like it is. Let me paint a picture for you. You know those salespeople who promise you the sun, moon, and stars but ultimately leave you high and dry with an empty wallet? Yeah, well that's iflirts in a nutshell – a total scam of epic proportions. I've dabbled in the online dating world more times than I care to admit (and no, it wasn't all roses), but iflirts takes complete fraud to a whole new level.

It's as effective as wearing socks on icy pavement or trying to teach your grandma how to twerk – utter futility. Not only does iflirts have the audacity to drain your bank account without offering any real value in return (*cough* rip off *cough*), but its user base seems to consist solely of bots and catfishes pretending they're actual human beings. Seriously, finding someone genuine on this platform is like searching for Bigfoot – tons of hype but zero evidence. Now don't get me wrong; I understand the appeal of swiping through potential matches at lightning speed while binging your favorite Netflix show. But trust me when I say that investing any amount of your precious time into iflirts is as wise as playing darts blindfolded while riding a unicycle downhill (spoiler alert: disaster awaits). Oh, and did I mention it's also a total waste? Yes sir/madam/fellow humanoid, using this app will drain both your data plan and sanity faster than watching reality TV shows back-to-back for five straight days (ouch!).

In conclusion (yes folks, we've reached that point), iflirts should be avoided like the plague. I mean, unless you enjoy throwing your hard-earned money into a black hole of disappointment and frustration, it's best to steer clear. Trust me, there are plenty of other fish in the sea – ones that haven't been marinated in total scam sauce. Now go forth, my fellow seekers of love or casual companionship, and save yourself from this dating app disaster! Consider iflirts as useful as an umbrella in a hurricane or a chocolate teapot – in other words, not at all. You deserve better than this colossal letdown.

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1. Is iflirts legit?

I tried iflirts as an online dating expert and I can say that it is legit. Despite some negative comments from people talking, my personal experience with the site has been positive. The comment saves and e-mail options provided by iflirts make it easy to connect and meet new people.

2. How does iflirts website work?

iFlirts is a fun online dating platform where you can meet new people in your area. The website works by allowing users to create profiles and browse through other profiles, sending messages or winks to show interest. While negative comments might be heard from some people talking about their experiences, it ultimately depends on how well you connect with someone and the effort you put into making a genuine connection.

3. How long does it take to have my profile approved on iflirts?

Hey there! So, getting your profile approved on iflirts is usually a pretty quick process. You'll generally have it up and running within 24 hours, unless someone leaves negative comments about you in the meantime. If that happens, don't worry! The iflirts team will review and save any negative comments sent via email and take appropriate action.

4. How many users does iflirts have?

iflirts has a pretty solid user base, with lots of people talking about it. While there may be some negative comments here and there, it's important to take them with a pinch of salt because comment saves don't always reflect everyone's experience. If you want more specific information, shoot them an e-mail!

5. Is iflirts working and can you find someone there?

Yeah, I tried iflirts and gotta say, it's pretty legit. You can totally meet someone there if you put yourself out there. Sure, there might be some negative comments or people talking trash, but ignoring those comment saves your sanity. Plus, the e-mail feature is a handy way to connect with potential matches.

6. How can I contact iflirts?

To contact iflirts, simply shoot them an email! Don't stress about negative comments you may have heard from people talking - remember that one positive comment saves the day. So, go ahead and reach out via e-mail to get in touch with the iflirts team!

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