Jeevansathi Review 2024 – Unlocking New Dating Opportunities

Last Updated 2023-07-18

Pros & Cons

  • - Jeevansathi is not your typical sugar daddy site - it provides a platform for real relationships based on desired partner preferences.
  • - Their customer care and support team are always ready to help you navigate through the wonderful world of online dating.
  • - With their handy search tool, finding active members who meet your specific criteria has never been easier.
  • - The customer care of Jeevansathi is as helpful as a sugar daddy site trying to sell you fake promises.
  • - The search tool in Jeevansathi can make finding your desired partner preference feel like looking for a needle in a haystack at times.
  • - Info Edge seems to have forgotten that a premium membership does not magically boost your self-esteem and confidence levels overnight.

How Does Jeevansathi Work?

Jeevansathi, a popular dating website, was created with the goal of helping individuals find their life partners. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of features, Jeevansathi has become one of the leading online dating sites in India. Users can easily search for profiles based on various criteria such as age, location, religion, and more. This allows them to connect with like-minded individuals who are also looking for a suitable match.

One of the key features of Jeevansathi is its large and active user base. With millions of registered users, there is a diverse pool of potential matches to choose from. Whether you are looking for someone within your community or have specific preferences, Jeevansathi caters to a wide range of users. The platform also offers paid membership options that provide additional benefits such as advanced search filters and the ability to view contact details.

Jeevansathi's customer support team ensures that users have a hassle-free experience on the site. In case of any issues or concerns, they provide prompt assistance and guidance to resolve them. Additionally, Jeevansathi boasts numerous success stories where couples have found their life partners through the platform. Overall, Jeevansathi's reliable services and extensive user base make it an excellent choice among other dating sites for those seeking meaningful connections and lasting relationships.

How to Make Contact on Jeevansathi

Looking for ways to connect with potential partners on Jeevansathi, a popular dating website? Look no further. Jeevansathi offers a variety of contact options to enhance your online dating experience and increase the chances of finding your perfect match. With its user-friendly interface and active members, this internet site stands out from other dating sites in terms of customer support and success stories.

Whether you are exploring the free services or opting for a paid membership, Jeevansathi strives to make every transaction hassle-free, allowing you to focus on building connections and boosting self-esteem. In case you ever decide to cancel your Jeevansathi subscription or encounter any issues, their support team is readily available to assist you through the process. So why wait? Dive into the world of online dating with Jeevansathi!

  • Jeevansathi is an online dating site where you can create a Jeevansathi account, browse through profiles, and interact with other users in search of a potential partner.
  • With a paid membership on Jeevansathi, you can access additional features such as messaging, viewing contact details, and getting priority customer support to enhance your online dating experience.
  • The user-friendly interface and active members make it possible for you to connect with like-minded individuals, share success stories, and seek support from the dedicated Jeevansathi support team whenever needed.

Jeevansathi, a popular dating website, provides users with various options to make contact and connect with potential partners. Users can search for people based on their preferences such as age, location, education, and profession. The site's user-friendly interface allows members to easily navigate through profiles and express interest by sending personalized messages or initiating chat conversations.

Jeevansathi also offers online dating services like speed matches and personalized recommendations to help users find compatible matches more efficiently. With an active membership base and success stories from its satisfied users, Jeevansathi is considered one of the top choices among other dating sites in the online dating world.

Creating a Jeevansathi account is hassle-free - simply sign up on their web page and choose between the free basic membership or upgrade to a paid subscription for additional features.

Canceling your Jeevansathi subscription can be done easily through customer support; they ensure a smooth transaction process should you decide to cancel your membership at any point. With positive customer reviews praising its reliable support team and significant emphasis on preserving privacy and self-esteem of users, Jeevansathi proves itself as a trustworthy internet site for those seeking meaningful connections through online dating services.

Registration Process

Are you looking to create a Jeevansathi account and find your desired partner? Registering on Jeevansathi is simple and user-friendly, allowing you to easily set up your profile and browse through active members. In this section, we will discuss the steps to register on Jeevansathi, including creating an account, setting your desired partner preferences, and utilizing the customer support team for any assistance you may require.

We will also explore the various features that come with free membership as well as service membership offers provided by Info Edge. Additionally, we'll touch upon how to delete a Jeevansathi account if needed. By the end of this article, you will have all the necessary information to navigate through Jeevansathi's web pages confidently and effectively.

  • Go to the Jeevansathi website on the World Wide Web.
  • Click on the option to create a Jeevansathi account.
  • Fill in your personal details, including your desired partner preference, and complete the registration process.

Creating a profile on Jeevansathi is the next step to find your desired partner. To create a Jeevansathi account, you need to visit their web pages and sign up for a free membership. In case you decide to delete your Jeevansathi account, they have a customer support team that can assist you with the process. With its user-friendly interface and active members from all around the world, Jeevansathi offers various service memberships to cater to different needs and preferences, ensuring high-quality matches for its users.

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a profile on Jeevansathi:

  1. After registering for a Jeevansathi account, visit the Jeevansathi website through your preferred web browser.
  2. Log in to your Jeevansathi account using your registered email address and password.
  3. Once logged in, navigate to the "My Profile" section or click on your username in the top right-hand corner of the webpage.
  4. Fill in your personal details such as your name, age, height, education, occupation, etc., to create your profile.
  5. Specify your desired partner preferences, including criteria such as age range, religion, caste, location, etc., to help find suitable matches.
  6. Upload attractive photographs to enhance your profile and attract potential matches.
  7. Provide additional information about yourself in the "About Me" or "Bio" section to give others an insight into your personality and interests.
  8. Verify your mobile number or email address if prompted, which helps build trust among other users.
  9. Browse through different profiles and utilize the search filters to find suitable matches based on your preferences.
  10. Connect with other active members by sending personalized messages or expressing interest using Jeevansathi's communication features.
  11. Regularly update your profile information and photos to keep it fresh and increase visibility.
  12. Utilize the customer support available on Jeevansathi in case you have any questions or encounter difficulties; their support team is dedicated to assisting users.
  13. Take advantage of any free membership trials or service membership offers provided by Jeevansathi to explore premium features.
  14. Enjoy a user-friendly interface that makes navigation and profile management simple and convenient.
  15. Should you decide to delete your Jeevansathi account at any time, refer to the support pages or contact customer support for guidance.
  16. Maintain a positive attitude, stay patient, and be proactive in your search to find your ideal partner through Jeevansathi.
  17. In conclusion, Jeevansathi provides a platform with an extensive base of active members, allowing you to create a profile, define your desired partner preferences, and engage with potential matches easily.

Note: The "verdict" keyword seems out of place as it implies the end result of a trial or evaluation; however, since this guide focuses on creating a profile, a verdict is not applicable.

Interface & Design

The interface of Jeevansathi is clean and user-friendly, with a simple yet effective design. The layout allows users to easily navigate through the different sections of the website or app, making it convenient for them to find what they are looking for. The color scheme is pleasing to the eye while maintaining a professional look and feel. Furthermore, the interface offers clear instructions and prompts throughout the process, ensuring that users can complete their tasks without any confusion.

The design of Jeevansathi focuses on providing an intuitive and seamless experience for its users.

The site incorporates modern design elements that enhance its visual appeal while staying functional. From creating a profile to searching for potential matches, every step in the process has been designed keeping user convenience in mind. The use of icons, dropdown menus, and other interactive elements further simplifies the navigation process. Overall, Jeevansathi's interface and design contribute to a pleasant user experience by seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality.

What I Liked as a User

During my three-month service membership on Jeevansathi, I found their platform to be efficient and user-friendly. The website allowed me to easily customize my desired partner preferences and efficiently browse through potential matches. Additionally, the support team at Info Edge was prompt in addressing any queries or concerns I had during my time on the platform.

  • Jeevansathi provides a comprehensive platform to address desired partner preferences. The search filters and options allow users to specify their preferences for potential partners, ensuring that the matches suggested align with their expectations. This feature appealed to me as it helped narrow down my search and saved time in finding suitable profiles.

  • The service membership offered by Jeevansathi is highly beneficial. It provides access to advanced features such as viewing contact details and sending personalized messages to other members. Being a service member enhanced my chances of establishing meaningful connections with like-minded individuals who were serious about forming significant relationships.

  • Info Edge, the parent company of Jeevansathi, adds credibility and reliability to the platform. Their strong presence in the online matrimony industry reassured me that I was using a trusted platform with a solid foundation. This factor instilled confidence in me while interacting with other members and sharing personal information online.

  • The support team at Jeevansathi is commendable. They promptly addressed my concerns and queries throughout my experience on the platform. Whether it was technical assistance or guidance regarding profile optimization, the support team provided timely responses, which greatly enhanced my overall user experience. Knowing that there was a reliable support team readily available made me feel valued as a user.

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Jeevansathi offers both free and paid features for users to explore. The free features allow users to create a profile, search for potential partners, and express interest in them. However, to fully utilize the platform's functionalities, opting for a paid service membership is recommended. Jeevansathi provides a unique feature called "desired partner preference" where users can specify their preferences in terms of education, occupation, caste, religion, and more.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through different sections such as partner search, success stories, and customer support team. The service membership offers additional benefits like access to contact details of other members and priority listing in the search results. With its strong parent company Info Edge backing it up, Jeevansathi ensures reliable support from their dedicated customer support team.

  • Jeevansathi offers a user-friendly platform for partner search, connecting individuals with their desired partner preference.
  • The service membership provides access to special features and enhanced benefits for its users.
  • Jeevansathi is backed by Info Edge, a trusted name in online services, ensuring reliability and security.
  • The support team at Jeevansathi is dedicated to providing assistance and resolving any queries or concerns of the users.
  • The success stories on Jeevansathi serve as testimonials of the effectiveness of their particular services.


A paid membership on Jeevansathi offers several benefits to users. With a subscription, you can access advanced features such as unlimited messaging, enhanced search filters, and contact details of potential matches. The pricing for Jeevansathi's paid memberships is competitive compared to other platforms in the market.

However, if you prefer not to pay, a free membership option is also available on Jeevansathi. While it allows basic usage of the platform, the experience may feel limited compared to the additional services that a paid membership offers. Payment methods accepted for Jeevansathi memberships include credit/debit cards, net banking, and wallets like Paytm or PhonePe.

Subscription Plan Duration Price (in INR) Features
Free Membership N/A Free Basic membership, limited access to features
eAdvantage Membership 3 months 2,550 View verified phone numbers of prospects
Send direct messages
Highlighted profile
JS Exclusive Membership 6 months 5,100 All features of eAdvantage
Prominent display on search results
Top priority listing in chat and messages
JS Select Membership 12 months 7,650 All features of JS Exclusive
Personal Relationship Manager
Profile authentication via offline centers
SMS alerts for new matches
Matri-Profile ID displayed prominently
JS Verified Contact Membership 3 months 2,700 All features of eAdvantage
Verified contact details of prospects
Connect with unlimited contacts
JS Value Plus Membership 11 months 5,850 All features of JS Exclusive
Connect with all members
Share personal contact details
JS Soulmate Membership 23 months 10,500 All features of JS Select
Astro compatibility analysis
Premium customer support
JS Realistic Plus Membership 13 months 7,650 All features of JS Select
Free Profile Highlight
Unlimited direct messages
Enhanced privacy options
JS eRishta Membership 3 months 2,700 All features of eAdvantage
Get contact details via email and SMS
Connect with prospects in privacy

Free Services

  • Free membership option for users to create a profile and search for potential matches.
  • Paid membership offers enhanced features and functionality for an improved matchmaking experience.
  • Transaction hassle-free process as Jeevansathi takes care of the payment and subscription details.
  • Service membership offers personalized assistance, guidance, and support throughout the matchmaking journey.
  • Membership prices vary based on the selected plan and duration.

Paid Services

  • Paid membership: Jeevansathi offers a paid membership option for users looking to access additional features and benefits beyond the free membership.
  • Free membership: Jeevansathi also provides a free membership that allows users to create a profile, search for potential matches, and express interest in other profiles without any cost.
  • Transaction hassle-free: With a paid membership, users can enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience while making transactions on the platform.
  • Service membership offers: The paid membership offers several exclusive services such as enhanced privacy settings, contact details of interested profiles, personalized assistance, and verified phone numbers.
  • Membership price: The pricing for the paid memberships varies based on the duration chosen, providing flexibility for users to select the plan that best fits their requirements.

A premium membership on Jeevansathi surpasses its free counterpart in terms of convenience and efficiency. With a paid membership, users can experience hassle-free transactions while taking advantage of the various services the membership offers. The reasonable membership price ensures an enhanced user experience without any unnecessary complications.

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Profiles on Jeevansathi stand out among other matrimonial websites due to their user-friendly interface and easy navigation.
  • With a large base of active members, Jeevansathi ensures a wide range of choices for users seeking ideal matches.
  • The option of service membership on Jeevansathi enhances users' self-esteem by providing additional features and privileges.
  • Jeevansathi backs its platform with reliable customer support, offering prompt assistance through a dedicated support team.

I have explored the user profiles of other members on Jeevansathi, one of the leading matrimonial websites. The website offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of browsing through numerous profiles. I found it quite convenient to navigate and search for potential matches based on specific criteria such as age, religion, and location. Additionally, there were a significant number of active members with diverse backgrounds present on this platform.

During my exploration, I noticed that Jeevansathi provides various services to enhance its users' experience. From free basic membership options to premium service memberships offering additional benefits such as increased visibility and messaging access, users have plenty of choices according to their preferences and requirements. Furthermore, in terms of customer support, Jeevansathi has an efficient support team readily available to address any queries or concerns promptly.

After examining these profile dynamics on Jeevansathi's website extensively along with understanding how they catered towards different needs effectively; I now have a better grasp on what makes a profile stand out within this realm.

  • Craft a comprehensive and appealing profile: By providing detailed information about yourself, your interests, and expectations, you make your profile more attractive to potential matches on Jeevansathi.
  • Use high-quality and recent photographs: Eye-catching photos create a positive first impression and increase the chances of getting noticed by other users.
  • Be honest and genuine in your description: Transparency helps build trust, bringing out your true personality and increasing the likelihood of finding a compatible partner.
  • Regularly update your profile and stay active: Being an active member signals that you are serious about finding a life partner, making others more inclined to engage with your profile.
  • Consider opting for a service membership: Upgrading your membership allows you access to premium features and enhances your visibility on the platform, giving your profile an edge over others.
  • Maintain a positive self-esteem in your bio: Displaying confidence and optimism can attract like-minded individuals who would be interested in connecting with you.
  • Benefit from exceptional customer support and assistance: The availability of a helpful and efficient support team ensures that you have proper guidance and prompt resolution of any issues or queries you may have, enhancing your overall experience on the Jeevansathi matrimonial website.

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are of utmost importance when it comes to online dating platforms like Jeevansathi. The platform ensures user verification, thereby fighting against bots and fake accounts. Additionally, it offers a two-step verification option for added protection. To ensure authenticity, all photos uploaded by users undergo manual review before being visible to others. Privacy policy is strictly followed to safeguard personal information.

However, there are areas where safety and security on Jeevansathi could be further improved. For instance, the platform could invest in advanced algorithms to better identify and remove suspicious accounts. Regularly updating privacy policies would also enhance user confidence in sharing their data on the site.

Overall, Jeevansathi prioritizes the safety and security of its users through measures such as verification processes, photo reviewing, and privacy policies. With some additional enhancements in place, it has the potential to provide an even more secure environment for individuals seeking a genuine connection online.

Fake Profiles

Jeevansathi, an online dating platform, has been plagued by the presence of fake profiles and bots. Although it is not a sugar daddy site specifically, some users have encountered fake accounts seeking financial arrangements. This raises concerns about the authenticity and safety of the internet site.

Canceling Jeevansathi subscriptions can be quite troublesome for customers who rely on honest customer reviews before making decisions. However, one positive feature offered by Jeevansathi is photo verification, which helps identify genuine profiles among the sea of fakes. Despite these efforts to maintain a secure environment, it remains vital for Jeevansathi to address this issue effectively given its diverse membership base and average age range of users.

  • Be cautious of profiles that seem too good to be true or overly perfect, as sugar daddy sites are often targeted by fake profiles and bots.
  • Always do your research before engaging with someone on Jeevansathi or any other online dating site. Check for cancel customer reviews, where users share their experiences and provide insights into potentially fraudulent activity.
  • Verify the authenticity of profiles by utilizing Jeevansathi's photo verification feature. This ensures that the person you are interacting with is real and reduces the chances of encountering a fake profile or bot.
  • Consider the average age of users on Jeevansathi. If a profile significantly deviates from this average, it may raise suspicions of being fake.
  • When choosing a membership plan, carefully evaluate the membership price offered. Unrealistically low prices might indicate fraudulent activity or an attempt to attract unsuspecting individuals to interact with fake profiles or bots.
  • In case you encounter suspicious activity or believe you have been misled by a profile, consider canceling your Jeevansathi subscription to protect yourself from further interactions with potential fakes or bots.


Users can access support from Jeevansathi through various channels. They have a dedicated support page on their website where users can find information and resources to address common queries. Additionally, users can reach out to Jeevansathi's support team via email for personalized assistance. For urgent matters, there is also a phone number available for direct contact with the support staff. The response time may vary depending on the volume of inquiries but is generally prompt.

To further assist users, Jeevansathi has a comprehensive frequently asked questions (FAQ) page that covers a wide range of topics.

Compared to other alternatives, Jeevansathi provides extensive support options for its users. With its dedicated support page, email correspondence, and phone helpline, users have multiple avenues to seek assistance as per their convenience. Moreover, the inclusion of a well-structured FAQ section enhances self-help resources and addresses common concerns effectively. Overall, Jeevansathi's robust customer support system sets it apart from other platforms in providing reliable assistance to its users.


Oh boy, where do I even begin with Jeevansathi? Let's just say that this dating app is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. Seriously folks, save yourself some time and money and swipe left on Jeevansathi. Now, before you start thinking I'm just another run-of-the-mill hater, let me tell you: I've tried more dating sites and apps than your average pro dater. From the big dogs like Tinder to the underdogs like OkCupid, I've seen it all. So when I stumbled upon Jeevansathi, I thought to myself "Hey, why not give it a shot?" Well my friends, what a disappointment it was! First of all, their jeevansathi reviews are about as convincing as a politician's promises during election season.

And trust me, that ain't saying much. The so-called "success stories" plastered on their website seemed suspiciously scripted if you ask me. But hey, maybe they redeem themselves in other areas. Maybe their customer support team is top-notch? Wrong again! It felt like dealing with an automated answering machine stuck in an infinite loop. Talk about frustrating!

And don't get me started on their service membership options. You'd think that forking over your hard-earned cash would guarantee at least some decent matches or features... but nope! It's like paying for premium cable channels only to realize they're playing reruns of Friends from the 90s (not that there's anything wrong with Friends). Info Edge may be behind Jeevansathi, but honestly, this app feels more like going back in time to the early days of online dating - clunky interface included. So my final verdict? Save yourself the trouble and invest your precious swiping energy elsewhere. There are plenty of fish in the sea and believe me when I say that Jeevansathi is not the catch you've been waiting for. Happy dating, folks!

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1. Is Jeevansathi legit?

Yeah, Jeevansathi is definitely legit! I've read some positive jeevansathi reviews and their support team has been quite helpful too. In my opinion, it's worth giving it a shot if you're looking for a genuine matchmaking platform.

2. Is Jeevansathi free?

No, Jeevansathi is not completely free as they offer both free and paid membership options. However, for detailed information on their pricing and plans, I recommend checking out genuine jeevansathi reviews or contacting their support team directly before making a verdict.

3. How does Jeevansathi website work?

Jeevansathi website works by providing a platform for people to create profiles and search for potential matches based on their preferences. The user-friendly interface allows easy browsing through different profiles, and the support team is always available to answer any queries or provide assistance if needed. In my verdict, Jeevansathi is a reliable online dating platform with positive reviews that helps individuals in finding their life partners by connecting like-minded individuals.

4. How can I know that the profiles on Jeevansathi are real?

You can trust that the profiles on Jeevansathi are real based on the positive jeevansathi reviews from satisfied users who have found their life partners. If you ever doubt any profile, don't hesitate to reach out to their dedicated support team for further verification. Overall, my verdict is that Jeevansathi takes the necessary measures to ensure authenticity and provide a reliable platform for finding your potential match.

5. How many users does Jeevansathi have?

Jeevansathi is buzzing with a vast community of users, and their numbers are impressive! You can find the real scoop on user experiences by checking out Jeevansathi reviews. And hey, if you ever need assistance or have queries, their support team is always there to lend a helping hand. So my verdict? Plenty of potential matches await on Jeevansathi!

6. How to find people on Jeevansathi?

Finding people on Jeevansathi is a breeze! Simply create an account, browse through profiles using their effective search filters, and connect with potential matches. If you need any help along the way, don't hesitate to reach out to their supportive support team. In my opinion, based on jeevansathi reviews, it's a fantastic platform for finding your soulmate!

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