Safety Tips

In 95% of cases a spammer / scammer wants to lead you away to another messenger where everything is ready for scamming (scripts, photos etc.).

Safety Tips

The most typical spam and scam cases you may come across on any dating site

  • Photos with textual elements on them. For instance, an invitation to contact via another messenger.
  • Fake photos from the web (quotations, cartoons) + the profile owner from India, the USA, Russia = 100% scammer.
  • People asking for money for various emergency reasons.
  • Webcam girls and escorts asking for pre-payment.
  • Profiles of the American soldiers or UN peacekeeping forces who collect money for charity.
  • Online fortune tellers (Ghana, Russia).
  • Cybers.
  • Drug dealers.


Scammers may even pretend to be Hitwe Support Team in order to get your personal data – card number, login and password to your email etc. Do not share this information with anyone on the site unless you contact the Support by your initiative. Check the addressee’s email – Hitwe Support uses in-house domain and email – [email protected]


Safety Tips

Please stay alert and follow these recommendations:

  • Never send money to people on a dating site.
  • Do not share your personal data.
  • Search for identity proofs if you have doubts.
  • Question any love confessions coming too soon.
  • Frauds rarely upload more than 1 photo. Do not hesitate to ask for more pictures in different locations or for current photos.
  • Ask questions and do some research. The city they live in, favourite night club, restaurant etc. It’s easy to google, if you do not live in one city.
  • You may also obtain identity theft protection service.

If you happen to detect a spammer / scammer on Hitwe, please be so kind as to immediately Contact Use