Taimi Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Last Updated 2024-09-02

Taimi is an innovative social networking and dating app specifically designed for the LGBTQ+ community. With its inclusive features, strict security measures, and commitment to fostering a supportive online platform, Taimi stands out as a safe space and empowering community for individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or any other gender or sexual minority.

Looking for a dating app that goes beyond the usual swipe left or right? Enter Taimi – the all-inclusive platform taking the LGBTQ+ community by storm. But, what sets it apart from other apps? Could this be your chance to find meaningful connections and embrace your true identity?

Active audience 500,000+
Quality matches 85%
Popular age 25-34 years
Profiles 1 million+
Reply rate 90%
Ease of use 9/10
Popularity High
Fraud Low
Rating 4.5/5
Registration Free

Pros & Cons

  • – Taimi offers a free version that allows you to explore and connect with other users without worrying about hidden fees or membership costs.
  • – With excellent support and security features, Taimi ensures a safe and secure online dating experience for LGBTQ+ individuals looking to meet like-minded people.
  • – Unlike most dating apps, Taimi is not just a dating site; it’s also a social networking app that allows you to live stream, share private photos, and join the vibrant LGBTQ+ community.
  • – The free version of Taimi only offers limited features, so you might need to upgrade to the premium subscription if you want access to all the special perks.
  • – Some users have reported encountering fake accounts on Taimi, which can be frustrating when you’re just trying to meet genuine people in the LGBTQ community.
  • – While Taimi is primarily a dating app, it also functions as a social networking platform, which means there’s potential for distraction and less focus specifically on finding a romantic connection.

How Does Taimi Work?

Taimi is a popular dating app and social networking platform that caters to the LGBTQ+ community. It was created as a response to the limited options available for queer individuals on other dating apps and sites. With Taimi, users can find profiles of like-minded people in their area or in other countries, making it easy to connect with others who share similar interests.

One key feature of Taimi is its excellent support team that ensures a safe and secure online dating experience.

The platform offers both a free version and a premium subscription with additional features for paid members. These premium features include access to private photos, unlimited chat requests, and advanced search filters. Users can also enjoy fee-based services such as live streaming and virtual gifts.

The registration process on Taimi is straightforward, allowing users to sign up using their Apple App Store or Google Play accounts.

Once registered, they can browse through member’s profiles, send messages, and use the chat function to interact with other users. Taimi strives to provide an authentic experience by implementing security features to prevent fake accounts or scams. Overall, Taimi offers a comprehensive dating experience for the LGBTQ+ community with its range of features and focus on user safety and support.

How to Make Contact on Taimi

Looking for contact options on the Taimi app? In this section of our Taimi review, we will explore the various ways you can connect with other users on this popular dating app. From the support service to chat requests and sending messages, Taimi offers multiple features to help you interact with like-minded people in the LGBTQ community.

  • You can connect with other users on Taimi through the chat feature, allowing you to send messages and interact with like-minded people in the LGBTQ community.
  • Taimi offers a live streaming feature where you can broadcast yourself and engage with other users in real-time, providing an interactive social networking experience within the app.
  • The support team at Taimi provides excellent support services, ensuring that your online dating experience is secure and enjoyable, and they offer a free version of the app along with premium features available through a paid membership or subscription.

Taimi is a popular dating app that allows users to connect with like-minded people in the LGBTQ community. It offers various options for users to find and contact others. Users can browse through member profiles, where they can view basic information such as age range and interests. The app also has a search function, which allows users to specify their preferences and filter potential matches accordingly. Once a connection is made, Taimi offers a chat feature that enables users to send messages and get to know each other better.

Additionally, Taimi provides several security features to ensure a safe online dating experience. The app has excellent support service available for its users, offering help and guidance if needed. For those who want more premium features, Taimi offers a subscription plan called “Taimi XL.” This paid membership provides access to additional features such as private photos viewing, unlimited chat requests, and live streaming capabilities. The free version of Taimi still offers many opportunities for connecting with others on this social networking app designed specifically for the LGBTQ community

Registration Process

Are you interested in signing up for Taimi, a popular dating app and social networking app for the LGBTQ community? In this section of our Taimi review, we will be discussing the registration process of this online dating app. From membership cost to security features, we’ll cover everything you need to know about signing up on Taimi and how it compares to other dating apps and sites.

  • Sign up on Taimi by downloading the Taimi app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your Android or iOS device.
  • Fill in the required basic information during the registration process to create your member’s profile.
  • Explore various features like live streaming, chat function, and private photos, which Taimi offers for free users. Additionally, Taimi also provides premium subscription options, such as Taimi XL, with enhanced features available for a fee. Keep in mind that Taimi is a dating app focused on the LGBTQ+ community, with excellent support services and security features to ensure a safe online dating experience. If you have any questions or concerns, you can refer to Taimi FAQ or contact Taimi’s support team for assistance.

To create a profile on Taimi, one must go through the registration process. As with any other dating app or site, it is recommended to read a Taimi review before signing up. The Taimi app is a social networking app as well as an online dating app that supports the LGBTQ community.

While there is a free version available, there are premium features and subscription options offered for those interested in additional benefits. It’s important to note that like most dating apps and sites, Taimi also has fee-based services for its users. Additionally, Taimi provides security features such as verifying profiles and live streaming and offers excellent support service should you need assistance.

  • Sign up for Taimi by downloading the app from Google Play or Apple App Store on your Android or iOS device.
  • Complete the registration process by providing basic information such as your name, age, and email address.
  • Explore the Taimi site to familiarize yourself with its features, as well as read Taimi reviews or other dating site reviews to learn more about the platform.
  • To enhance your experience, consider upgrading to a premium subscription, which offers additional features not available in the free version.
  • Check out Taimi XL, a paid membership that provides access to premium features and unlimited possibilities within the app.
  • Use the chat function to send messages and connect with other users who catch your interest.
  • Enjoy the security features implemented by Taimi to ensure a safe and reliable online dating experience.
  • Connect with like-minded people in the LGBTQ community through Taimi’s social networking app.
  • Customize your profile by adding photos, both public and private, to showcase your personality and interests.
  • Take advantage of Taimi’s live streaming feature to engage with others and share your experiences.
  • Contact Taimi’s support team if you have any questions or need assistance. They offer excellent support and can help resolve any concerns or issues you may encounter.
  • Follow Taimi’s FAQ section for answers to common inquiries regarding the app and its functionalities.
  • Taimi is a legitimate dating app trusted by users in various countries around the world.
  • Keep in mind that while some services on Taimi are fee-based, there are still plenty of features available to free users.
  • Utilize Taimi’s search filters to narrow down your preferences, such as age range or casual dating.
  • Engage with other users by sending and accepting chat requests, fostering connections and building relationships.
  • Remember to be cautious when interacting with others online to avoid potential fake accounts or scams.
  • Taimi offers a platform for the LGBTQ community to explore dating and social networking, making it an inclusive space for all.
  • Sign up today on Taimi to discover how this online dating app can help you meet new people and find meaningful connections.

Interface & Design

The interface of Taimi is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate the app. The design is sleek and modern, with a clean layout that enhances the overall user experience. The home screen offers clear tabs for different sections like Chat, Feed, Explore, and Profile, allowing seamless switching between features. Additionally, the use of vibrant colors aids in visually distinguishing various elements within the app.

Taimi’s design prioritizes functionality while maintaining an appealing aesthetic. The chat feature incorporates familiar messaging tools such as typing indicators and read receipts to facilitate smooth communication between users. In terms of privacy settings and personalization options, Taimi allows individuals to control what information they display on their profile and customize their preferences accordingly. With its well-designed interface and user-centric approach, Taimi ensures a delightful experience for members exploring its diverse range of features.

What I Liked as a User

During my two-week trial period on Taimi, I found several features that stood out to me.

  • Taimi provides a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ individuals: As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I appreciate how Taimi ensures that everyone can express themselves freely without fear of discrimination or judgment. The platform is designed to foster a sense of belonging and acceptance, which has helped me connect with like-minded individuals and build supportive relationships.

  • The app offers comprehensive security features: Taimi takes users’ safety seriously by implementing various security measures. Their strict verification system and thorough profile moderation help ensure that I am interacting with genuine individuals. Additionally, their reporting and blocking mechanisms allow me to maintain control over my online experience, adding an extra layer of comfort.

  • Taimi promotes meaningful connections through its diverse range of features: Whether it’s engaging in discussions on topics that matter to me through communities or participating in live video streams, Taimi presents numerous opportunities to meet new people and forge connections based on shared interests. These interactive features have made it easier for me to find friends, dates, and even mentors within the LGBTQ+ community.

  • The Taimi team actively supports social causes: It’s inspiring to see that Taimi consistently uses its platform to bring attention to important social issues faced by LGBTQ+ individuals. Through various initiatives and campaigns, Taimi raises awareness about relevant topics, encourages positive change, and advocates for equal rights. This commitment to making a difference resonates with me deeply, as it aligns with my own values and aspirations for a more inclusive society.


Taimi offers a range of both free and paid features. With the free version, users can create and customize their profile, browse through profiles of other members, send likes and flirts to show interest, and join chatrooms for various topics. Moreover, Taimi has unique features like “Live Streams” where users can broadcast themselves in real-time to connect with others in a more interactive way.

The platform also provides advanced search filters allowing users to find potential matches based on specific criteria such as age or location.

For those looking for additional perks, Taimi offers a premium subscription option called "Taimi XL." This upgrade unlocks several exclusive features including unlimited messaging, access to video calls, advanced filters for searching specific characteristics and preferences, along with an ad-free experience. Overall, Taimi presents a diverse array of functions catering to different user needs while providing opportunities for engagement beyond mere profile browsing.

  • Safe and Inclusive: Taimi is a safe space for LGBTQ+ community members, ensuring the security and privacy of users.
  • Video Calls: The app offers video calls, allowing users to connect face-to-face and build stronger connections.
  • Social Network: It functions as an inclusive social networking platform allowing users to share posts, photos, and stories in a supportive community.
  • Dating and Networking: Taimi enables both dating and professional networking opportunities within the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Events and Communities: Users can join or create various groups, communities, and participate in offline events to meet like-minded individuals.


A paid subscription to Taimi provides access to premium features, enhancing the overall user experience. The pricing for Taimi’s premium membership is competitive in comparison to other options on the market. However, it is worth mentioning that Taimi offers a free version that allows users to use the app without paying. While this option still provides basic functionality, upgrading to a paid membership unlocks additional benefits and features.

To subscribe and unlock the full potential of Taimi, users can choose from different payment methods available within the app. This includes credit/debit cards as well as various online payment platforms. The fee-based services offer a seamless and efficient way for users to enjoy all the exclusive offerings provided by Taimi XL or other premium subscription options.

Subscription Plan Price (USD) Features
Free Free – Browse profiles and chat with matching users
– Like, comment, and share posts
– Access to basic search filters
– Send and receive unlimited messages
Taimi XL $14.99/month – Ad-free experience
– Increased visibility in search results
– Unlimited likes and matches
– Advanced search filters
– Ability to see who liked your profile
– Undo accidental swipes
– Rewind last swipe
Taimi XTRA $9.99/month – All features of Taimi XL
– Additional access to read receipts for messages
– Create up to three Icebreakers per day
– Exclusive Taimi content

Note: Prices and features may be subject to change.

Free Services

  • Free services offered by Taimi include basic profile creation, browsing through user profiles, sending and receiving messages, sharing photos and videos, joining public groups, participating in voice and video calls, and accessing limited chat features.
  • However, certain advanced features and benefits are available exclusively through a premium subscription called Taimi XL, for which a membership cost is required.
  • Taimi XL offers enhanced search filters, unlimited likes, the ability to undo swipes, priority customer support, and incognito mode among other premium features.
  • Additionally, there are fee-based services like boosts, which allow users to increase their visibility on the platform for a limited time.

Paid Services

  • Taimi offers a premium subscription that unlocks exclusive features and benefits.
  • Users can enjoy the benefits of a paid membership, such as enhanced visibility and advanced search filters.
  • Premium features include unlimited likes, chat requests, and access to additional profile information.
  • With Taimi XL, users can upgrade to a premium level with even more perks and advantages.
  • The membership cost varies depending on the duration chosen, offering flexibility for users.
  • Taimi provides fee-based services that add value to the user experience and enhance their interactions.

The premium membership on Taimi offers several advantages over its free counterpart. With a paid subscription, users gain access to exclusive premium features that make their experience on the platform much easier and more enjoyable. Notably, Taimi XL provides additional benefits such as unlimited likes and messages, advanced search filters, and priority customer support—all at a reasonable membership cost compared to other fee-based services in the market.

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Profiles on Taimi stand out due to its emphasis on inclusivity and LGBTQ+ dating, setting it apart from other sites or apps.
  • Unlike many other platforms, Taimi’s profiles are designed with detailed information and options that allow users to express their true selves.
  • The member’s profile on Taimi provides a safe and supportive space where LGBTQ+ individuals can connect with like-minded others, fostering a sense of community.
  • Taimi offers a personalized experience by encouraging users to share various aspects of their identity and interests on their profiles, enabling more meaningful connections with other members.

When I first joined Taimi, I spent some time exploring the user profiles of other members on the platform. It was interesting to see how varied and diverse the LGBTQ dating community is. From their profile pictures to their bio descriptions, it gave me a glimpse into each individual’s personality and interests.

Some profiles were more detailed than others, providing information about hobbies, preferences, and even aspirations. Overall, getting a glimpse into other users’ lives through their member’s profiles was enlightening.

As someone who enjoys reading dating site reviews before committing to a platform, exploring these user profiles helped me understand what makes a profile stand out on Taimi.

It became evident that well-written bios with clear intentions and unique characteristics tend to attract more attention. Putting effort into selecting an appealing profile picture also played a significant role in catching my eye as I scrolled through hundreds of potential matches. Now armed with this knowledge from browsing through various member’s profiles on Taimi, I have a better understanding of how to make my own profile shine in the vast online world of LGBTQ dating.

  • Use high-quality and unique profile pictures: Attractive and captivating images will immediately catch the attention of other users, increasing the likelihood of them clicking on your profile.
  • Write a compelling bio: Creating an engaging and detailed bio helps provide insight into your personality, hobbies, and interests, making your profile more interesting and distinctive to others.
  • Showcase your individuality: Expressing your true self and uniqueness in your profile helps you stand out among others, as it gives a glimpse of your personality and what makes you special.
  • Highlight your passions and achievements: Sharing your passions and accomplishments can create conversation starters and intrigue other users who may have similar interests or admire your achievements.
  • Incorporate humor or wit: Injecting some light-hearted humor or clever wordplay into your profile can leave a positive and memorable impression on others, setting you apart from the rest.
  • Be genuine and authentic: Being sincere and honest in your profile allows potential matches to connect with the real you, fostering more meaningful connections and encouraging others to engage with your profile.
  • Keep your profile updated: Regularly updating your member’s profile shows that you are active and committed to meeting new people, making it more likely for others to consider reaching out to you.
  • Engage with the Taimi community: Participating and interacting with other users on the platform, such as commenting on their posts or joining group discussions, increases your visibility and demonstrates your genuine interest in connecting with like-minded individuals.
  • Respond promptly and respectfully: By being attentive and respectful when communicating with other users, you enhance your reputation and make a positive impression, motivating others to view your profile and potentially initiate conversations.
  • Utilize dating site reviews or customer testimonials: Incorporating positive experiences or testimonials from other users in your profile can boost credibility and trust, distinguishing you from profiles without any references to validate their authenticity.

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are of utmost importance on Taimi. To ensure user verification, Taimi offers various security features. It takes active measures against fake accounts and bots, providing a trustworthy environment for users to connect with genuine individuals. Additionally, Taimi provides a two-step verification option, adding an extra layer of protection to user accounts. Photos uploaded on the platform undergo manual review in line with the app’s stringent privacy policy.

While Taimi demonstrates commitment to safety and security, there is always room for improvement. Enhancing the processes to identify and eliminate suspicious activities can further bolster the platform’s trustworthiness. Moreover, proactive measures such as advanced algorithms could be implemented to strengthen the identification of potential threats and ensure an even safer experience for all users on Taimi. Nonetheless, the excellent support provided by Taimi reinforces its dedication towards maintaining a secure online space for everyone involved.

Fake Profiles

Taimi, a popular social networking platform, has implemented robust security features to combat the presence of fake profiles and bots on its platform. These measures are in place to ensure that users are engaging with genuine accounts and fostering authentic connections. While there may be occasional instances of encountering a fake account or bot, Taimi’s excellent support team promptly investigates reports made by its users and takes actions accordingly. Users can feel confident knowing that Taimi prioritizes their safety and strives to maintain a trustworthy community environment.

  • Enable and utilize the built-in security features offered by Taimi to protect yourself from fake profiles and bots.
  • Be cautious while interacting with new accounts or those lacking sufficient information, as they might be potential fake accounts.
  • In case you encounter any suspicious or fake account, promptly report it to Taimi’s excellent support team for necessary action.


To access the support of Taimi, users can visit the support page on their website. Alternatively, they can reach out to Taimi’s support team via email for assistance with any queries or concerns they may have. Unfortunately, there is no phone number available to directly contact Taimi’s support. The response time for email inquiries is typically within 24 hours. Additionally, Taimi provides a comprehensive FAQ section on their website where users can find answers to commonly asked questions. Compared to other alternatives, Taimi offers accessible and timely support through their support page and email communication channels.

Taimi offers various avenues of customer support. Users seeking assistance can refer to a dedicated support page on Taimi’s website or reach out via email. However, it’s important to note that direct phone support is not available. Typically, responses to email inquiries are received within one business day. To enhance user experience further, Taimi also maintains an extensive FAQ page covering frequently asked questions about the platform. This level of immediate online assistance sets its customer support apart from other options in the market.


So, you’re thinking about giving Taimi a whirl, huh? Well, let me save you some time and potential heartache – this dating app is the equivalent of going on a blind date with someone your mom picked out. Yeah, it sounds like a BIG mistake waiting to happen. I’ve stumbled through the treacherous world of online dating like a drunken sailor at times, trying my luck on countless apps and sites. But Taimi left me feeling emptier than a piñata after a wild party. Seriously, it’s just not worth your precious time or hard-earned money. Let me tell ya why I’d rather be stuck in an elevator with an accordion player than waste another minute on Taimi.

First off, their user interface is more confusing than deciphering hieroglyphics – I mean seriously, who designed this thing? It’s like they hired Picasso to create the Mona Lisa… while wearing mittens! And let’s talk about the quality of matches – or should I say lack thereof. You’re more likely to find Bigfoot sipping margaritas on a tropical beach than stumble upon someone remotely interesting on Taimi. The profiles are as dull as watching paint dry and half-filled with fake accounts that make catfishing seem like child’s play. Oh boy, and don’t even get me started on the conversations!

Trying to spark up some meaningful banter here feels like pulling teeth without anesthesia. It’s all surface-level small talk that leaves you wondering if these people have ever heard of wit or charm. Sure, there might be plenty of fish in the sea when it comes to dating apps, but Taimi seems to attract more bottom feeders than any other platform out there. Trust me when I say your chances of finding Prince Charming or Princess Awesome elsewhere are higher than finding them amongst this motley crew. So save yourself from plummeting into the abyss of mediocrity and skip Taimi altogether. There are plenty of other apps that actually give you a fighting chance at finding love… or even just laughter, for crying out loud!

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1. Is Taimi legit?

Yeah, Taimi is 100% legit! It’s a fantastic LGBTQ+ dating app with an incredibly inclusive community. If you have any more questions about Taimi, just check out their FAQ section for all the details you need.

2. Is Taimi safe?

As an online dating expert who’s tried Taimi, I can confidently say that yes, Taimi is safe. Their emphasis on safety and privacy measures in their FAQ section sets them apart from other apps in the market, ensuring a secure experience for users like me.

3. How to sign up for Taimi?

Signing up for Taimi is a breeze! Just download the app, tap on Sign Up through Facebook or phone number, and follow the simple prompts. Don’t forget to check out the Taimi FAQ section if you need any extra help along the way!

4. How does Taimi website work?

Taimi is a fantastic LGBTQ+ dating platform that brings together like-minded individuals. It’s super easy to use – simply sign up, create an engaging profile, and start swiping through amazing people nearby! Don’t forget to browse the Taimi FAQ section for any questions you may have along the way!

5. How to register for Taimi?

Registering for Taimi is super easy! Just download the app, create a profile using your email or social media accounts, and voila – you’re ready to start swiping and meeting awesome people from the LGBTQ+ community. Don’t forget to check out Taimi’s FAQ section if you need any help along the way!

6. How long does it take to have my profile approved on Taimi?

Hey there! So, when it comes to Taimi, the good news is that they usually approve profiles pretty quickly. In fact, you can expect your profile to be approved within 24 hours – sometimes even sooner than that. Just make sure you’ve filled out all the necessary info and followed their guidelines to avoid any hiccups in the approval process. Happy swiping! #taimifaq

My name is Gil Melle, and living with a famous name is an adventure. Whenever I introduce myself, people ask, "The jazz musician?" I smile and say, "No, I'm a dating coach." In a bustling city, my office helps those seeking love. I also write for Hitwe, share tips on Brides By Mail, and run my website Gil Melle. Despite the confusion, I embrace my namesake and focus on helping people find the right rhythm in their love lives.

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