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Elena Nikolova

From Varna, Bulgarian
Age: 23 y.o.
Height: 6'01" / 182.88 cm
Weight: 138 lbs / 62 kg
Marital status: Never been married
Ethnicity: Slavic
Zodiac sign:
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About Me

I am a woman who goes by the name of Elena Nikolova, standing tall at 6'01" and hailing from the beautiful city of Varna. As a Pisces, I am a dreamer at heart, always looking for beauty and magic in the world around me. My cultural background is rich with traditions and history, shaping my strong sense of family values and deep-rooted respect for others. Growing up, I learned the importance of kindness, compassion, and perseverance as important life lessons that have guided me throughout my journey. Physically, my long legs and striking features often turn heads, but it's my inner charm and wit that truly define me. In terms of lifestyle, I enjoy a mix of quiet nights spent painting or reading, balanced with lively adventures exploring new places and cultures. Professionally, I am an accomplished artist, weaving stories and emotions into my creations, while also working part-time as a librarian. Outside of work, you can find me lost in a good book at a cozy café or dancing under the stars at a music festival. With a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, I strive to continue expanding my knowledge and skills in the art world. Currently residing in Sofia, I am drawn to the vibrant energy and creative spirit of the city, constantly seeking inspiration for my next masterpiece. When it comes to relationships, I value honesty, communication, and mutual respect above all else. In a partner, I seek someone who shares my love for the arts, values deep conversations, and appreciates the beauty in life's simple moments. Someone who can challenge me intellectually and support me emotionally, while also being my rock through life's ups and downs. As an introvert artist and bookworm, I crave a connection that transcends words and touches the soul. If you're someone who understands the power of silence, the magic of creativity, and the beauty of solitude, then perhaps we could create our own masterpiece together.

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Trans male
Introvert, Artist, Book worm, Lonely
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