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Zheng Fang

From Davao, Philippines
Age: 22 y.o.
Height: 5'74" / 152.4 cm
Weight: 130 lbs / 58 kg
Marital status: Divorced
Ethnicity: Asian
Zodiac sign: Aries
Member ID: 794573
About Me

I am a woman who goes by the name of Zheng Fang, standing tall at 5'7". I hail from the beautiful city of Davao and my zodiac sign is Taurus. Growing up in a traditional Chinese family has instilled in me strong cultural values like respect for elders, integrity, and hard work. My religious beliefs are a blend of Confucianism and Buddhism, guiding me to live a life of compassion and mindfulness. Through my experiences, I've learned the importance of patience, humility, and gratitude. Physically, I possess delicate features with striking almond-shaped eyes and flowing dark hair. In terms of lifestyle habits, I lead an active life enjoying regular workouts and outdoor adventures. Professionally, I excel in the field of finance, bringing a mix of analytical skills and creativity to the table. In my free time, you can find me indulging in gaming sessions or cheering for my favorite sports teams. I hold a Master's degree in Business Administration and currently reside in bustling New York City. Personality-wise, I am a cheerful and outgoing individual who loves to make people smile with my goofy antics. I am nurturing and caring, having fulfilled my role as a parent with dedication and love. Honesty, loyalty, and authenticity are traits that I value in a partner. I hope to find someone who shares my interests in sports, gaming, and enjoys quality time together. Above all, I seek a respectful and understanding companion who appreciates the simple pleasures of life.

About Myself
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Sports fan, Gamer, Goofy, Parent, Respectful
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